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Prof. W. Yao and Prof. X.D. Cui’s paper titled ‘Valley polarization in MoS2 monolayers by optical pumping’ was highlighted in Ars Technica.
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J. Wang

*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) since 2007 or since the author joined HKU (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).

  • 1 Influence of dephasing and B/N doping on valley Seebeck effect in zigzag graphene nanoribbons
    L. Zhang, Z.Z. Yu, F.M. Xu, J. Wang
    Carbon, Vol.126, 183-189, 2018
  • 2 Current conserving theory for frequency dependent noise power under dc bias
    J.T. Yuan, Y. Wang, J. Wang
    New Journal of Physics, Vol.20, 013036:1-10, 2018
  • 3 Impurity-limited quantum transport variability in magnetic tunnel junctions
    J.N. Zhuang, Y. Wang, Y. Zhou, J. Wang, H. Guo
    Frontiers of Physics, Vol.12(4), 127304:1-6, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 1, on 26/09/2017)
  • 4 Giant magnetoresistance and perfect spin filter effects in manganese phthalocyanine based molecular junctions
    L.L. Tao, J. Wang
    Nanoscale, Vol.9(34), 12684-12689, 2017
  • 5 Full-counting statistics of energy transport of molecular junctions in the polaronic regime
    G.M. Tang, Z.Z. Yu, J. Wang
    New Journal of Physics, Vol.19, 083007:1-16, 2017
  • 6 The focusing effect of electron flow and negative refraction in three-dimensional topological insulators
    K.T. Wang, Y.X. Xing, K.T. Cheung, J. Wang, H. Pan, H.K. Zhao
    New Journal of Physics, Vol.9, 103028:1-12, 2017
  • 7 Role of free electrons in phosphorescence in n-type wide bandgap semiconductors
    H.G. Ye, Z.C. Su, F. Tang, G.D. Chen, J. Wang, K. Xu, S.J. Xu
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol.19(45), 30332-30338, 2017
  • 8 All-electrical generation of spin-polarized currents in quantum spin Hall insulators
    L.L. Tao, K.T. Cheung, L. Zhang, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.95(12), 121407R:1-5, 2017
  • 9 Fast algorithm for transient current through open quantum systems
    K.T. Cheung, B. Fu, Z.Z. Yu, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.95(12), 125422:1-8, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 2, on 30/08/2017)
  • 10 Entanglement entropy fluctuation and distribution for open systems
    J.T. Yuan, Y.X. Xing, L. Zhang, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.95(15), 155402:1-13, 2017
  • 11 Full counting statistics of conductance for disordered systems
    B. Fu, L. Zhang, Y.D. Wei, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.96(11), 115410:1-12, 2017
  • 12 First-principles investigation of transient spin transfer torque in magnetic multilayer systems
    Z.Z. Yu, L. Zhang, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.96(7), 075412:1-10, 2017
  • 13 Short-time dynamics of molecular junctions after projective measurement
    G.M. Tang, Y.X. Xing, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.96(7), 075417:1-9, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 1, on 20/11/2017)
  • 14 Extinction of the zero-phonon line and the first-order phonon sideband in excitonic luminescence of ZnO at room temperature: the self-absorption effect
    H.G. Ye, Z.C. Su, F. Tang, C.C. Zheng, G.D. Chen, J. Wang, S.J. Xu
    Science Bulletin, Vol.62(22), 1525-1529, 2017
  • 15 Excitation Dependent Phosphorous Property and New Model of the Structured Green Luminescence in ZnO
    H.G. Ye, Z.C. Su, F. Tang, M.Z. Wang, G.D. Chen, J. Wang, S.J. Xu
    Scientific Reports, Vol.7, 41460:1-8, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 4, on 07/12/2017)
  • 16 Composition dependent band offsets of ZnO and its ternary alloys
    H.T. Yin, J.L. Chen, Y. Wang, J. Wang, H. Guo
    Scientific Reports, Vol.7, 41567:1-7, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 3, on 07/12/2017)
  • 17 Ferroelectricity and Tunneling Electroresistance Effect Driven by Asymmetric Polar Interfaces in All-Oxide Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions
    L.L. Tao, J. Wang
    Applied Physics Letters, Vol.108(6), 062903:1-5, 2016
    Download (Times Cited: 16, on 13/02/2018)
  • 18 Enhanced tunneling electroresistance in multiferroic tunnel junctions due to the reversible modulation of orbitals overlap
    L. Jiang, L.L. Tao, B.S. Yang, J. Wang, X.F. Han
    Applied Physics Letters, Vol.109(19), 192902:1-6, 2016
    Download (Times Cited: 2, on 13/02/2018)
  • 19 Valley Seebeck Effect in Gate Tunable Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbons
    Z.Z. Yu, F.M. Xu, J. Wang
    Carbon, Vol.99, 451-455, 2016
    Download (Times Cited: 5, on 13/02/2018)
  • 20 Dynamic shot noise in a quantum dot coupled with Majorana fermions under the perturbation of microwave fields
    H.K. Zhao, J. Zhang, J. Wang
    The European Physical Journal B, Vol.89(11), 255:1-13, 2016