Announcement of
2008 Daniel Tsui Fellowship

The Center of Theoretical and Computational Physics in the University of Hong Kong is pleased to announce that The 2008 Daniel Tsui Fellowships are awarded to:

Professor Daw-Wei WANG from the National Tsing-Hua University (Hsinchu) for his important contributions to many body physics especially Quantum Hall Systems in tilted magnetic fields and cold atoms in coupled potential wells


Professor Shi-Liang ZHU from the South China Normal University for his work on quantum physics especially his proposals for novel forms of quantum computation and the realization of the spin Hall effect in cold atoms.

Information of Daniel Tsui Fellowship in The University of Hong Kong 

  1. The Fellowship is to provide opportunities for outstanding young physicists in China including the mainland and Taiwan, or in Singapore, within 15 years receiving Ph. D., to carry out research at the Center.
  1. Two Fellowships are awarded this year via a rigorous selection procedure. The Selection Committee consists of nine leading physicists: T. M. Rice (Chair, HKU and ETH-Zurich), William Goddard III (Caltech), Patrick Lee (MIT), Steve Louie (UC Berkeley), Frank Shu (Tsinghua Univ., Taipei), Matthias Troyer (ETH-Zurich), Daniel Tsui (Princeton Univ.), Frank Wilczek (MIT), and Shou-Cheng Zhang (Stanford Univ.).
  2. Each Daniel Tsui Fellow is expected to carry out up to three-month research at the Center with the honorarium of HKD 40,000/month. A return trip to Hong Kong and health insurance from The University of Hong Kong will be provided.

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