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SITE: The University of Hong Kong (Campus Map)
12 - 13 DEC 2009: Lecture Theatre P1, LG1/F, Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Building
14 DEC 2009: Lecture Theatre T3, G/F, Meng Wah Complex
POSTER ROOM: Rm. 522, 5/F Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building, The University of Hong Kong
DATE: 12 - 14 December, 2009
Lunches: Maxim's FOOD2, 4/F, Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre, HKU
Banquet: Kamboat Chinese Cuisine
DATE: 12 December 2009 (SAT)
Address: Shop 201, The Belcher's, 89 Pokfulam Road (Pok Fu Lam)


The 3rd International Workshop on Solid State Quantum Computing (IWSSQC-3) & the Hong Kong Forum on Quantum Control will be held at The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China), during December 12-14, 2009.  The two preceding meetings of this series were held in Nanjing (June, 2006) and Taipei (June, 2008), which attracted many experts and young researchers as well as graduate students from both the greater China region and overseas. The 2009 workshop will cover all aspects of solid-state implementations for quantum information processing, including a half-day forum focusing on the related topics of quantum control.

The main objectives of the workshop are
  1. to provide young researchers and graduate students with introductory and updated research information on solid-state quantum computing
  2. to discuss the current trends and future directions of research in solid-state implementations for quantum computing, and
  3. to promote exchanges of scientific knowledge and enhance the interactions of scientists working in solid-state quantum computing and quantum control.
Anyone interested are welcome to apply for the participation of the Workshop by completing the registration. You may contact with the workshop secretary, Ms. Anna Wong at annaylw@hkucc.hku.hku.hkfor further information.

Advisory Committee

S. M. Girvin (Yale U, USA)
F. Nori (UM Ann Arbor, USA & RIKEN, Japan)
T. P. Orlando (MIT, USA)
L. J. Sham (UCSD, USA)
C. K. Shih (UT Austin, USA)
R. B. Tao (Fudan U, China)
J. S. Tsai (NEC, Japan)
Y. P. Wang (IOP, CAS, China)
D. Y. Xing (Nanjing U, China)
F. C. Zhang (HKU, China)
B. F. Zhu (Tsinghua U, Beijing, China)

Organizing Committee

H.-S. Goan (Taiwan U)
R. B. Liu (CUHK)
C. P. Sun (ITP, CAS) 
X. R. Wang (HKUST)
Z. D. Wang (HKU, Chair)
X. C. Xie (IOP, CAS)
W. Yao (HKU, Co-chair)
J. Q. You (Fudan U)
Y. Yu (Nanjing U, Co-chair)
S.-L. Zhu (SCNU)

Invited Speakers (Tentative)

(* to be confirmed)
D. Bouwmeester (UCSB, USA)
Z.-B. Chen (USTC, China)
Z. H. Chen (Fudan U, China)
J. F. Du (USTC, China)
H.-S. Goan (NTU, Taipei)
S. Han (U of Kansas, USA)
B. Joynt (U of Wisconsin, USA)
Y.-X. Liu (Tsinghua U, China)
L. Lu (IOP-CAS, China)
Y. M. Ma (Jilin U, China)
F. Nori (UM Ann Arbor, USA & RIKEN, Japan)
C. H. Oh (NUS, Singapore)
J.-W. Pan (USTC, China & U of Heidelberg, Germany)
R. Schoelkopf * (Yale U, USA)
M. Sherwin (UCSB, USA)
C. K. Shih (UT Austin, USA)
C. P. Sun (ITP-CAS, China)
L. Tian (UC-Merced, USA)
J. S. Tsai (NEC, Japan)
B. G. Wang (Nanjing U, China)
H. Wang (U of Oregon, USA)
X.-B. Wang (Tsinghua U, China)
X.-G. Wang (Zhejiang U, China)
X. C. Xie (IOP-CAS, China & OSU, USA)
J. Q. You (Fudan U, China)
Y. Yu (Nanjing U, China)
W.-M. Zhang (NCKU, Taipei)
B. F. Zhu (Tsinghua U, China)
S.-L. Zhu (SCNU, China)