Nuclear Physics Lab of HKU

2nd Internetional Workshop & 13th RIBF Discussion on Neutron-proton Correlation


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M. Assie

Pairing and quartetting in medium mass nuclei

D. Beaumel

Pairing studies by two-nucleon transfer

F. Cappuzzello

Signatures of Giant Pairing Vibration in 14C and 15C nuclei

M. Cavallaro

Extracting spectroscopic information from (18O,16O) two-neutron transfer reactions

Y. Fujita

Active pairing interactions in the formation of low- and high-energy collective Gamow-Teller states

D. Gambacurta

Interplay between proton-neutron pairing and deformation in N=Z medium mass nuclei

N. Hinohara

Neutron-proton pairing fluctuations and double-beta decay

W. Horiuchi

Neutron-proton correlations in 4He

P. Van Isacker

Aligned neutron-proton pairs in N=Z nuclei

Y. Kanada-En'yo

pn correlation in 10B

Y. Kikuci

Dineutron correlation in two-neutron halo nuclei via breakup and knockout reactions

J. Lay

np-transfer in 2nd order DWBA and other applications of two-nucleon transfer

J. Lee

Systematics study of np-pairing of N=Z sd-shell nuclei using transfer reactions

H. Liu

Study of Neutron-Proton Correlations & 3N-Force in N=Z nuclei 12C

H. Masui

Deuteron-like correlation for the T = 0 channel in 18F

A. Macchiavelli

Experimental Aspects of Neutron-Proton Pairing

J. Meng

Anomalous Rod Shape Nuclei in Covariant Density Functional Theory

T. Motobayashi

Some earlier studies on reactions involving two nucleons

T. Myo

Importance of tensor force in light nuclei studied with tensor optimized shell model

K. Ogata

Probing nuclear correlations via (p,pX) reactions

H.J. Ong

Study on effect of tensor interactions in light nuclei via (p,d) and (p,dN) reactions

S. Ota

On pn-pair transfer/pick-up reactions

T. Otsuka

proton-neutron correlations in the shell model

E. Piasetzky

Study of short range correlation in nuclei

C. Qi

Neutron-proton pair correlation from a shell-model perspective

W. Qu

Study of three-body repulsive force via 12C+12C scattering at 100 MeV/u

H. Sagawa

Gamow-Teller excitations and n-p pairing

K. Sato

Proton-neutron mixed density functional calculation with isospin breaking interaction

S. Shimoura

Nucleon-nucleon correlation in neutron-rich nuclei

Y. Sun

Isospin-symmetry breaking in nuclei around the N=Z line

A. Tamii

np spin-correlation in the ground state studied by spin-M1 transitions

J. Terasaki

Proton-neutron pairing correlations in double-beta decay

T. Uesaka

Probing two-nucleon correlations via knockout-delayed particle emission

F. Xu

Gogny-force shell-model calculations

K. Yoshida

Investigation of alpha cluster states using alpha knockout reactions

K. Yoshida

Proton-neutron pairing vibrations

Y. Zhang

Dominance of pair correlation in the asymptotic tail of neutron halo

Y. Zhao(presented by  Y. Cheng)

Nucleon Pairs Approximation of the Shell Model