The University of Hong Kong
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PHYS0629/PHYS1056 Weather and Climate

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Weather and climate play an important role in human activities and history. In this course, we shall introduce to students the fundamentals of weather, climate and climate changes, to arouse their interests in the scientific and technological advancements.

The course will encompass topics on: basic physical principles on weather phenomena like: wind, temperature, humidity, cold/warm fronts, thunderstorms and tropical cyclones; introductory weather analysis, forecast and climate. Through real life examples, students will get familiarized with the weather/climate science and interpretation of meteorological information, climatology and climate change.

Experts from the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) will participate in the course to cover aspects on daily weather forecasts, public weather services, local severe weather phenomena, tropical cyclones, climatology of Hong Kong, and climate change. A tentative visit to the HKO to study the meteorological facilities and understand the operational activities on weather and climate might be arranged.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

Announcements Assignments and Test
Friday 2:30pm-5:20pm, LE4.

Course Instructors
Dr. Lee Kai-Ming (Phy Dept)One week Rm 415A, CYM Phys. Buld.
2859 2370
Consultation Hour: Wed. 2-4pm
Mr. Wong Wai-kin (HKO)Four weeks 2926 8416
Dr. Lee Tsz-cheung (HKO)Four weeks 2926 8360

Tutors and Graders
Mr. Jiang Yucheng, Rm 312A, 2859 2195,
Ms. Yu Pui Ling, Rm 417, 22415957.

One 2-hour written examination (50%).
Test (25%).
Assignment ( 3 assignments ) (25%).

Lecture Notes, Textbook and References
We have modified the lecture notes. Those from last year are, in general, outdated.
Lecture One
Lecture Two
Lecture Three
Lecture Four
Supplementary Slides for Lecture Four
Lecture Five
Lecture Six
Lecture Seven
Lecture Eight
Lecture Nine
Lecture Ten(Updated again on Nov 23.)
Lecture Eleven
Frederick Lutgens and Edward Tarbuck: The Atmosphere (Pearson Prentice Hall, 2010)