Master Of Science In Physics - Curriculum Structure And Details

The Physics Department of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is considering launching a self-funded Master Of Science In Physics program. The proposed program will be one year for full time students and two years for part time students. All teaching will be carried out at the HKU main campus by teachers in the Department. Tuition fees will be comparable to other similar taught master programs offered by HKU.

Curriculum Design Philosophy

We believe that strong academic advising is the key to catering the diverse needs of students. Thus, upon mutual agreement between the student and the academic adviser, topics of Capstone Project as well as the elective courses to take will be determined normally before the program commences and in any case no later than the second week of class. Moreover, keeping the number of compulsory courses low and the duration of the program short allow maximum flexibility and minimize the student's cost without compromising the academic vigor.

Curriculum Structure

To graduate from this program, one has to pass ten courses from the following list:

Two single semester-long compulsory courses:

1. Basic Research Methods In Physical Science

2. Research Seminar

Seven single semester-long elective courses, out of which at least three of them have to be taken from the first four courses in this list:

One year-long capstone course: Capstone Project

This is a year-long project. Students are required to study a specific research-type problem by themselves under the supervision of an academic staff using the knowledge they gain in their entire MSc study.

If you want to inquire more about this program, you may send us an email physdept [AT] with the subject "Master Of Science In Physics Inquiry".