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Public Lecture: AI and Computational Research: from Quantum Materials to Black Holes

Speaker:Dr. Ziyang Meng, Dr. Hugo Pfister
Affiliation:University of Hong Kong
Date:January 15, 2022 (Saturday)
Time:2:30 p.m.
Venue:Online via Webex –
Event Number: 2514 403 6921
Event password: quantum


In the time of quantum technology and big data, scientists start to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computational approaches into the fundament research about our mother Nature and Universe.

This series of two lectures will help us to unfold such interesting discovery processes. Dr Zi Yang MENG, Associate Professor at HKU Department of Physics, will explain the important role played by AI and computation in the modern quantum material research in the first lecture. The lecture covers context ranging from story of superconductivity that could solve the energy crisis and end the global warming, to the magic angle twisted graphene that could be used for next generation electronics and better facemasks. 

In the second lecture, Dr Hugo PFISTER, Post-doctoral Fellow at Department of Physics, will teach us how we can fit chunks of universe in our computers, allowing us to fast forward billions of years and to travel from galaxies to galaxies in a blink. He will then show us how we can use these simulated universes to better interpret observations from our real Universe and understand its origin.    

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