Quantum Computing and Information Theory


Academic staff

Research staff


Prof. Hoi Fung CHAU   Mr. Kwok Chung Joseph NG (MPhil)


Research Activities

We focus on the theoretical study of quantum information theory and quantum computation. Our aim is to prove the security of various quantum cryptographic protocols as well as getting a better understanding of how to manipulate quantum information by quantum error-correction codes. In collaboration with researchers in HP Labs, Bristol, our group has recently proven that certain quantum key distribution scheme is unconditionally secure as well as obtained a U.S. patent on certain quantum key distribution protocols.

Some Representative Publications

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  1. "Quantum Key Distribution Using Qudits That Each Encode One Bit Of Raw Key", H.F. Chau, Physical Review A, 92, 062324 (2015).
  2. "Metrics on Unitary Matrices and their Application to Quantifying the Degree of Non-commutativity between Unitary Matrices", H.F. Chau, Quantum Information and Computation, 11, 721-740 (2011).
  3. "Unconditional secure key distribution in higher dimensions by depolarization", H. F. Chau, IEEE Transactions On Information Theory, 51, 1451 (2005).
  4. "Practical scheme to share a secret key through a quantum channel with a 27.6% bit error rate", H. F. Chau, Physical Review A, 66, 060302(R) (2002).
  5. "Unconditionally security of quantum key distribution over arbitrarily long distances", H.-K. Lo and H. F. Chau, Science, 283, 2050 (1999).
  6.  "Is quantum bit commitment really possible?", H.-K. Lo and H. F. Chau, Physical Review Letters, 78, 3410 (1997).
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