Local and Overseas Summer Programs

Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) and Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF) Schemes 2022 for Science Students


Research Openings and Opportunities for Undergraduate Students in Department of Physics


1. Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) 

Supervisor Research Topic
Prof. H.F. Chau 1. Readings in Sociophysics
2. Modeling Biological Evolution
3. Readings in Quantum Computation
Prof. G. Chen 1. Quantum Magnetism
2. Non-Fermi Liquid
Prof. X.D. Cui 1. Computer Automation
Dr. J.L.X. Dai 1. Simulations of black hole accretion disks and jets
Prof. A.B. Djurišić 1. Perovskite materials and devices
Dr. D.K. Ki 1. Micromanipulation of Atomically Thin 2D Crystals
2. Metal-assisted exfoliation of 2D materials
Dr. J.H.C Lee 1. Nuclear mass calculations using deformed relativistic Hartree Bogoliubov theory in continuum
Dr. J.J.L. Lim 1. Astrophysical Applications of Gravitational Lensing
2. Star Formation and Active Galactic Nuclei in Elliptical Galaxies of Galaxy Clusters
Dr. F.C.C. Ling 1. Experimental Defect Studies of Semiconductor Materials
2. Transparent High-dielectric Constant Oxide Thin Film via Acceptor-donor Co-doping
3. Defects in SiC MOSFET
Dr. T.T. Luu 1. Thickness Measurement of Thin Films Using White-Light Interferometry
2. Measurement of Laser Beam Profile at the Focus
3. Finding Temporal Overlap of Two Femtosecond Laser Pulses
Dr. Z.Y. Meng 1. Computations of quantum phase transitions
2. Computational quantum many-body physics
Dr. S.C.Y. Ng 1. High Energy Emission from Pulsars
2. Measuring pulsar velocities
Prof. S.Q. Shen 1. Novel Topological States of Condensed Matter
Dr. C.J. Wang 1. Topological Phases of Matter with Strong Correlation
Prof. Z.D. Wang 1. Quantum Computing
2. Geometric Phase
Prof. M.H. Xie 1. A Guided Study of Thin Film growth by Molecular-beam Epitaxy
2. Surface Studies of Crystalline Thin Films
Dr. Y. Yang 1. Light-matter interaction
Prof. W. Yao 1. Valley Physics in Monolayer Materials
Dr. S.Z. Zhang 1. Physics of Very Degenerate Atomic Gases


2. Overseas Research Fellowship

Related to the Overseas Research Fellowship, the Physics Department organized the Physics Summer Undergraduate Overseas Research Program. In that program, participants will be assigned to work on a frontier science research project with a professor or scientist overseas upon mutual agreement based on their interested research field as indicated in their applications. Previously, successful candidates had been placed in prestigious institutions such as Cambridge, CERN, Princeton and Stanford. Accepted participants for this Program are also required to apply for the Overseas Research Fellowship of the Faculty of Science.

For further inquiries regarding this Program, please contact Dr. Jason C.S. Pun (jcspun@hku.hk).