Course Information

* Courses that are not offered in 2020 - 2021

Course Code Course Title Tutor(s)
ENVS3006 Environmental Radiation (6 credits) *  
ENVS3010 Sustainable Energy and Environment (6 credits)   
PHYS1050 Physics for Engineering Students (6 credits) *  
PHYS1055 How Things Work (6 credits)
PHYS1056 Weather, Climate and Climate Change (6 credits)
Mr. Feng Bolu
Mr. Yeung Chun Hei
PHYS1150 Problem Solving in Physics (6 credits)
Mr. He Min-Quan
Mr. Tam Kai Chung
Mr. Wang Wenchao
Mr. Zhou Chengkang
PHYS1240 Physics by Inquiry (6 credits)
PHYS1250 Fundamental Physics (6 credits)
Mr. Feng EnHao
Mr. Lin Tianxiang
Miss Shi Yingli
PHYS1650 Nature of the Universe (6 credits)
Mr. Gao Yuan
Miss Xing Zexi
PHYS2055 Introductory Relativity (6 credits)
Miss Li Yushan
Mr. Zhang Jiashuo
PHYS2150 Methods in Physics I (6 credits) Mr. Chan Kai Sum
Ms. Rao Qing
Mr. Tam Kai Chung
Mr. Yang Xingye
PHYS2155 Methods in Physics II (6 credits)
PHYS2160 Introductory Computational Physics (6 credits)
PHYS2250 Introductory Mechanics (6 credits) Mr. Ni Fanzhi
Miss Wang Ziwen
Mr. Zhang Xu
PHYS2255 Introductory Electricity and Magnetism (6 credits)
PHYS2260 Heat and Waves (6 credits) *
PHYS2261 Introductory Heat and Thermodynamics (6 credits)
Mr. Lin Zemeng
Mr. Liu Mingyang
Mr. Zeng Kebo
PHYS2265 Introductory Quantum Physics (6 credits)
Ms. Jiang Yue
Mr. Lu Hongyu
PHYS2650 Modern Astronomy (6 credits)
PHYS3150 Theoretical Physics (6 credits)
PHYS3151 Machine Learning in Physics (6 credits) Mr. Zhao Jiarui
PHYS3350 Classical Mechanics (6 credits)
Mr. Hu Ziang
PHYS3351 Quantum Mechanics (6 credits)
Mr. Yang Xuchen
Mr. Zheng Huiyuan
PHYS3450 Electromagnetism (6 credits)
PHYS3550 Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics (6 credits)
PHYS3551 Introductory Solid State Physics (6 credits) *  
PHYS3650 Observational Astronomy (6 credits)
Mr. Nianias James Michael George
PHYS3651 The Physical Universe (6 credits) *
PHYS3652 Principles of Astronomy (6 credits) *
PHYS3653 Astrophysics (6 credits)
PHYS3660 Astronomy Laboratory (6 credits)
Mr. Lai Chong Wa
Mr. Wong Hong Tsun
PHYS3750 Laser and Spectroscopy (6 credits) Mr. Yu Wenhao
PHYS3760 Physics Laboratory (6 credits)  
PHYS3850 Physical Optics (6 credits)
PHYS3851 Atomic and Nuclear Physics (6 credits) *
PHYS3999 Directed Studies in Physics (6 credits)  
PHYS4150 Computational Physics (6 credits) *
PHYS4151 Data Analysis and Modeling in Physics (6 credits)  
PHYS4350 Advanced Classical Mechanics (6 credits) *
PHYS4351 Advanced Quantum Mechanics (6 credits)
PHYS4450 Advanced Electromagnetism (6 credits)
Mr. Wang Xiong
PHYS4550 Advanced Statistical Mechanics (6 credits) Mr. Yao Xuping
PHYS4551 Solid State Physics (6 credits) Mr. Xiao Chengxin
PHYS4650 Stellar physics (6 credits)
PHYS4651 Selected Topics in Astrophysics (6 credits) *  
PHYS4652 Planetary Science (6 credits) *  
PHYS4653 Cosmology (6 credits)
PHYS4654 General Relativity (6 credits) Mr. Wong Hong Tsun
PHYS4655 Interstellar Medium (6 credits)
Mr. Liu Yihan
PHYS4850 Particle physics (6 credits)
PHYS4966 Physics Internship (6 credits)  
PHYS4999 Physics Project (12 credits)  
PHYS7350 Graduate Classical Mechanics (6 credits) *  
PHYS7351 Graduate Quantum Mechanics (6 credits) 
PHYS7450 Graduate Electromagnetism (6 credits)
Mr. Li Long Hin
PHYS7550 Graduate Statistical Mechanics (6 credits)  
PHYS7551 Graduate Solid State Physics (6 credits) *  
PHYS7750 Nanophysics (6 credits)
Mr. Zhang Tianyu