Major/Minor Options


Students incoming from September 2004 onwards may decide to take the new Major-Minor Option after they are admitted to HKU. Students from most Non-Professional Programmes may choose to follow a Major/Minor in Physics.

Astronomy Major* / Minor
Mathematics/Physics Major*
Physics Major / Intensive Major / Minor

* Not offer to students admitted to Year 1 in 2022-2023
Major-Minor Option Details can be found here & here.

Dr. Chen - Some Research Topics of Gang Chen’s Group
Dr. Ki - Studying Quantum Physics in Atomically Thin Van der Waals Crystals
Dr. Wang - Topological Phases and Emergent Phenomena
Prof. Djurišić - Optoelectronics and Nanomaterials Laboratory
Prof. Parker - PHYS3999 Directed Studies in Physics & PHYS4999 Physics Project

Important! Ultimate responsibility rests with students to ensure that the required pre-requisites and co-requisite of selected courses are fulfilled. Students must take and pass all required courses in the selected major or/and minor in order to satisfy the degree graduation requirements.

Further Enquiries 

For futher enquiries, please contact the course selection advisors of our department: Prof. H.F. Chau (hfchau [AT], Dr. F.K. Chow (judychow [AT], Dr. F.C.C. Ling (ccling [AT], Dr. S.C.Y. Ng (ncy [AT], Dr. J.C.S. Pun (jcspun [AT] , Dr. Y.J. Tu (yanjuntu [AT] and Dr. M.K. Yip (mankit [AT]

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Last updated on 01 September 2022