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Dear Alumni of the Department of Physics of HKU,

First of all let us wish you all a fruitful and meaningful 2019. As our alumni are an important component of our department on top of the teaching staff and students, we are going to update our alumni database to enhance the communication between the department and our alumni. In addition, we are planning a series of activities to be held soon to strengthen our bonding as members of the Department of Physics.

The purpose of requesting contact information of our alumni is for the department to be able to maintain contact with the alumni and inform all of you about the development in the department (i.e. sending newsletters, invitations for alumni events organised by the department, notifications on public lectures, and other related emails on alumni matters). These events would be for the purpose of information sharing and keeping in touch with all of you as well as building conncetions between staff, present and past students. For any fund raising activities, we would request approval from DAAO separately. All the information provided by you will be processed in compliance with the policy and rules concerned of HKU.

To facilitate our work mentioned above, we would be grateful if you could respond to the questions in the registration form below:

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