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Abstract of the Project:

The aim of this project is to search and to understand the origin of processes in the very special region of the Galaxy - the Galactic central region (GCR). Recent discoveries obtained with new observational missions like Fermi, Planck, Swift, Integral, Chandra etc. found there very unusual phenomena with huge energy release which are not seen in any other part of the Galaxy. It seems that similar processes also take place in central regions of other galaxies. We intend to discuss and to analyze these processes in attempt to find physical reasons for these unusual phenomena associated in the galactic centers.

Project Proposal may be added later.

Team Members:

  • Prof. Kwong-sang Cheng (PI) (The University of Hong Kong, China.)
  • Prof. Vladimir Dogiel (Co-PI) (Lebedev Institute of Physics, Russia.)
  • Prof. Li Ji (Purple Mountain Observatory, China.)
  • Prof. Feng Yuan (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China.)
  • Prof. Xiang-Yu Wang (Nanjing University, China.)
  • Dr. Lixin Dai (Yale University, USA.)
  • David Hui (Chungnam National University, Korea.)
  • Miguel Avillez (Universidade de Évora, Portugal.)
  • Prof. Kinwah Wu (University College London, UK.)
  • Prof. Zhiyuan Li (Nanjing University, China.)
  • Daniel Wang (UMass, USA.)
  • Dr. Dmitry Chernyshov (Lebedev Institute of Physics, Russia.)

    Young Team Members

  • A.M. Kiselev (Lebedev Institute of Physics, Russia.)
  • Xian Hou (Yunnan Observatory, China.)

    Additional Members

  • Albert Kong (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.)
  • Thomas Tam (SYSU, China.)
  • Qiang Yuan (PMO, China.)

    Schedule of the Project

    It is proposed to hold three one-week meetings held at a several month interval. We propose that the first meeting would be used to identify and select events for in depth analysis, collate data sets and assign analysis and modeling tasks. In the second meeting we will review the progress on assigned topics, conclude analysis and identify results. A final editorial meeting will be used to ensure the timely completion of publications.

    Agenda of the Meetings

    The first meeting was 1-5 June, 2015 taken place in the ISSI-BJ conference center. The final program can be found here (with presentation materials).

    The second meeting will be 6-8 June, 2016 taken place in the ISSI-BJ conference center. The draft program can be found here.

    List of Publications

    Will be added soon.


    Will be added soon.