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Date: 9 August, 2018
Conference Venue: Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building Room 522
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Purpose of the Workshop:

August 2018 will mark exactly ten years since the beginning of scientific operations of Fermi. In these ten years, Fermi has completely transformed our view of the gamma-ray universe. Fermi is also playing a crucial role in the new era of "multi-messenger" astronomy. One of Fermi's biggest strengths has been its policy to make its data publicly available, providing tools and documentation for its analysis, leading to a large number of groups worldwide producing some of its most exciting results. In June 15 2017, the first Chinese X-ray satellite "Insight-HXMT" was launched to observe black holes, neutron stars, active galactic nuclei and other phenomena based on their three X-ray energy channels including high energy band (20-250 keV), the medium energy band(5-30 keV), and the low energy band (1-15 keV). These two satellites provide a broad band multi-wavelength information to allow us to have a better understand the nature of these astrophysical sources. This workshop, to be held in Hong Kong, August 9, will discuss some common topics for these two satellites and hope to result in collaboration among participants to study a broad range of scientific areas, from pulsar physics, to dark matter, GRBs, AGNs etc. A tutorial for using data of Insight-HXMT will be provided.

(I) Scientific Program:

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(II) List of Participants:

Feng L : SYSU
Pei Wang : NAO, CAS
Xian Hou : YAO, CAS
DaHai Yan : YAO, CAS
Zejun Jiang : Yunnan U
Stephen Ng : HKU
Meng Su : HKU
Chinping Hu : HKU
Tian Jun : HKU
K S Cheng : HKU
Ruby Ng : HKU
David Hui : Chungnam U, South Korea
Pablo Saz Parkinson : HKU
Brent Limyansky : UCSC
Zhang Shuang-Nan : IHEP
Ge Mingyu : IHEP
Yue Huang : IHEP
Song Liming : IHEP
Li Zhengwei : IHEP
Zhang Yue : IHEP
Zheng Shijie : IHEP
Jin Ruolan : NTHU, Taiwan
Li Ray : Michigan State U
Wang Hui Hui : HUST
Kwok Lung Fan : HKU

(III) Discussion Topics:

  • Gamma-ray Binaries
  • Gamma-ray Pulsars
  • Millisecond Pulsars
  • Multi-messenger astronomy
  • Multi-wavelength observations
  • Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Gamma-ray Bursts
  • Gamma-ray Novae

    (IV) Workshop Photos

    (V) Registration (Registration Deadline: 29 June 2018)

    Scientific Organizing Committee

  • K.S. Cheng (Chair, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
  • Stephen C.Y. Ng (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
  • Meng Su (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
  • Pablo Saz Parkinson (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)


  • Department of Physics, The University of Hong Kong

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