Honorary Director

  • Prof. D.C. Tsui (Princeton)


  • Prof. J. Wang (HKU)

    International Advisory Committee

  • Prof. W.A. Goddard (Caltech) (Personal Webpage)
  • Prof. H. Guo (McGill University) (Personal Webpage)
  • Prof. P.A. Lee (MIT) (Personal Webpage)
  • Prof. Anthony J Leggett (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) (Personal Webpage)
  • Prof. Steven G. Louie (Berkeley) (Chair) (Personal Webpage)
  • Prof. T.M. Rice (ETH Zurich) (Personal Webpage)
  • Prof. Matthias Troyer (ETH Zurich) (Personal Webpage)
  • Prof. D.C. Tsui (Princeton) (Personal Webpage)
  • Prof. F. Wilczek (MIT) (Personal Webpage)
  • Prof. F.C. Zhang (ZJU) (Personal Webpage)
  • Prof. S.C. Zhang (Stanford) (Personal Webpage)

    Regular Faculty Members/ Academic Staff

  • Prof. H.F. Chau (Physics) (Quantum Information Theory and Astrophysics)
  • Prof. G.H. Chen (Chemistry) (Chemical Physics)
  • Prof. K.S. Cheng (Physics) (Astrophysics)
  • Dr. M.H. Lee (Earth Sciences)
  • Dr. S.C.Y. Ng (Physics)(Astrophysics)
  • Prof. S.Q. Shen (Physics) (Condensed Matter Theory)
  • Prof. J. Wang* (Physics) (Condensed Matter Theory)
  • Prof. Z.D. Wang* (Physics) (Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Computing)
  • Prof. W. Yao* (Physics) (Condensed Matter Theory, Quantum Physics, and Optical Physics)
  • Dr. S.Z. Zhang (Physics) (Cold-atom Physics)

    *Members of Executive Committee

    Research Assistant Professors

  • Dr. F. Liu (Physics)
  • Dr. S. Markov (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Y. Wang (Physics)
  • Dr. H.Y. Yu (Physics)
  • Dr. L. Zhang (Physics)
  • Dr. Y.X. Zhao (Physics)

    Post-doctoral Fellow

  • Dr. X.B. Chen (Physics)
  • Dr. S.G. Chen (Chemistry)
  • Dr. P. Gong (Physics)
  • Dr. C.P. Hu (Physics)
  • Dr. G.M. Tang (Physics)
  • Dr. H. Tian(Chemistry)
  • Dr. W.Y. Tu (Physics)
  • Dr. Q.E. Wang(Physics)
  • Dr. S.X. Yi (Physics)
  • Dr. C.L. Zhang (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Y.C. Zhang (Physics)


  • Johnson Chung Shun Chan (Physics)
  • Wayne C Chau (Physics)
  • Qizhou Chen (Chemistry)
  • Promise L. Chin (Chemistry)
  • King Tai Cheung (Physics)
  • Shanshan Ding (Physics)
  • Bin Fu (Physics)
  • Xianjia Huang (Physics)
  • Ze-Min Huang (Physics)
  • Wai Yan Leung (Physics)
  • Changan Li (Physics)
  • Jun Li (Chemistry)
  • Yueyu Lin (Physics)
  • Guangcun Liu (Physics)
  • Ruibin Liu (Physics)
  • Jingyi Mah (Earth Sciences)
  • Yik Lun Mong (Physics)
  • Cho Wing Ng (Physics)
  • Kelvin Sai-cheong Ng (Earth Sciences)
  • Yanbo Pan (Chemistry)
  • Jianju Tang (Physics)
  • Wai Ho Tang (Physics)
  • Jun Tian (Physics)
  • Wenchao Wang (Physics)
  • Run Wen (Physics)
  • Ka Ho Wong (Earth Sciences)
  • Jiang Wu (Chemistry)
  • Fanbing Xie (Physics)
  • Biye Xie (Physics)
  • Danqi Xu (Physics)
  • Ziyao Xu (Chemistry)
  • Guanya Yang (Chemistry)
  • Jiangtao Yuan (Physics)
  • Jianqiao Zhang (Chemistry)
  • Weijun Zhou (Chemistry)
  • Yi Zhou(Chemistry)

    Associate Members

  • Prof. C.H. Lam (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • Prof. P.W. Leung (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)
  • Prof. H.Q. Lin (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Prof. R.B. Liu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Prof. T.K. Ng (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)
  • Prof. L.H. Tang (Hong Kong Baptist University)
  • Prof. X.R. Wang (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)
  • Prof. R.Q. Zhang (City University of Hong Kong)

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