Welcome to Quantum Device Lab at HKU

We investigate quantum transport phenomena in various nano-electronic devices, realized by using state-of-art nano-fabrication and engineering techniques. Materials of interest span widely from 1D nanowire to 3D bulk that include 2D crystals, topological materials, and artificially designed heterostructures. Throughout the investigation, we aim to understand and learn to control the underlying physical processes, expand our view of electronic materials and contribute to the development of the new device applications.


PDF in 2D materials

We are looking for Postdoctoral Research Fellow to work with us on Quantum Correlations in Engineered 2D Materials. Please find details here.

Research Assistant I/II or Senior Research Assistant

We are looking for Research Assistant to work with us. Please find details here.

Various Fellowship Opportunities

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPF)
*For this, please contact PI (dkki@hku.hk) in advance.
HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship (HKU-PS)
*For this, please contact PI (dkki@hku.hk) in advance.
University Postgraduate Fellowships (UPF)
RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme (PDFS)

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Highly motivated graduate or undergraduate students are invited to contact Dr. Dong-Keun Ki (dkki@hku.hk) for possible research projects, at all time .

Recent News

[2022-10-01] Ms. Peiting Wen starts her Ph.D. study in our group. Welcome!

[2022-09-01] Publication in Advanced Electronic Materials!

[2022-06-30] Our group is now supported by the RGC of Hong Kong through its General Research Fund (GRF) Scheme!

[2020-06-27] Our group is now supported by the URC at HKU through its Seed Funding for Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Scheme (PC: Dr. Zi Yang Meng)!

[2022-05-30] Our group is now supported by the URC at HKU through its Seed Funding for Basic Research Scheme!

[2022-04-19] Publication in Nano-Micro Letters!

[2022-01-29] Dr. Guoyun Gao leaves the group to join EEE department. Wish the beset for his future!

[2021-11-16] Dr. Rafiqat Ul Rasool joins the group as a Senior Research Assistant. Welcome!

[2021-09-01] Ms. Xinyu Wang joins the group as a prestigious HKU-PS fellow! Welcome and congratulations!