Welcome to Quantum Device Lab at HKU

In our lab, we investigate quantum transport phenomena in various nano-electronic devices, realized by using state-of-art nano-fabrication and engineering techniques. Materials of interest span widely from 1D nanowire to 3D bulk that include 2D crystals, topological materials, and artificially designed heterostructures. Throughout the investigation, we aim to discover new phenomena, understand and learn to control the underlying physical processes which can help us to expand our view of electronic materials and realize new device applications.

Graduate and Undergraduate Research Positions Available

Highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students are always welcome to contact PI (Dr. Dong-Keun Ki, dkki@hku.hk).

Recent News

[2018-12-03] Ms. Rao Qing joins the group. Welcome!

[2018-09-01] Dr. Ki joins the Department of Physics at HKU!