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A generalized model for temperature-dependent time-resolved photocurrent of minority charge carriers in doped

semiconductors is developed. The model is then applied to quantitatively interpret the time-resolved photo-
current data of a GaInP solar cell at different temperatures. Moreover, an analytical relationship between

photocurrent and photoluminescence lifetimes is derived for the minority carriers. Under the conditions of zero
external electric field, mobility and hence diffusion coefficient of minority carriers can be obtained from the
measured photocurrent and photoluminescence lifetimes. This study thus may provide a deeper insight into the
effective lifetimes of functional carriers in doped semiconductors and even in solar cells.Published on Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells.DOI: 10.1016/j.solmat.2019.01.029
















A new analytical model was developed by addressing the significant contributions of free electron in the conduction band of semiconductor besides the trapped electrons in shallow donors, which is able to quantitatively interpret the non-exponential decay patterns of phosphorescence signal and abnormal temperature behaviors. This is an important progress in understanding the long persistent phosphorescence.




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