Dr. Stephen Chi-Yung Ng

Associate Professor

Room 517, CYM Physics Building
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 28597947

Email: ncy@astro.physics.hku.hk


PHYS3651: The Physical Universe
PHYS4650: Stellar Physics

Small Radio Telescope

Research Interests

Neutron Stars
Pulsar Wind Nebulae
Supernova Remnants

Group photo (2018)

Research Group

Current members:
Chan, Yuk Ying Sandy (M.Phil candidate)
Liu, Yihan (M.Phil candidate)

Former members:
Gong, Zhengyangguang
Sin, Wan Ho Ricky
Chan, Guan Wei Justin
Wang, Wenchao (Phd at HKU)
Dr. Hu, Chin-Ping (JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow at Kyoto)
Leung, Wai Yan Ryan (MaiCapital)
Mong, Yik Lung Darren (PhD at Monash)
Wen, Run
Chan, Kwok Shing Kevin
Wong, Wing Alan
Wong, Yun Lum Osmond
Ma, Yik Ki Jackie (PhD at MPIfR)
Yang, Zhou Edward
Chan, Henry Wai Kuen (MPhil at HKU)
Wang, Qinan Roger (PhD at Johns Hopkins)
Wong, Tsz Tsun Bengy (PhD at Imperial)
Luo, Jie Roger (PhD at Caltech)

Recent Research Projects

Soft X-ray Pulse Profiles of Magnetars in Quiescence
X-Ray Observations of Magnetar SGR 0501+4516
Discovery of a Synchrotron Bubble Associated with PSR J1015-5719
An XMM-Newton Study of the Mixed-morphology Supernova Remnant G346.6-0.2
Chandra X-ray Observation of the High Magnetic Field Pulsar B1509-58
Radio Observations of the Snail PWN
(on ATNF Daily Image)
Searching for CCOs with Chandra
Radio Observations of SN 1987A
High energy emission of a millisecond pulsar
Radio polarization measurements of bow-shock PWNe
Expansion of the radio remnant of SN 1987A
The correlation between dispersion measure and X-ray column density from radio pulsars
Anti-glitch in a magnetar
Deep X-ray observations of the high magnetic field radio pulsar J1119-6127
Radio imaging of the `Cosmic Hand' PWN

Media Coverage

Heart of an Exploded Star Observed in 3-D, Jul 2017, NRAO News
A Tale of Two Pulsars' Tails: Plumes Offer Geometry Lessons to Astronomers, Jan 2017, Penn State News
Interview by the South China Morning Post, Sep 24, 2016
Interview by Radio Television Hong Kong, May 14, 2016
The Highly Ordered Magnetic Field Structure of the Snail Nebula, 2016, ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture
Gravitational Waves --- A New Window to The Universe,'' 2016, Knowledge Magazine, 3, 22
Interviews by Oriental Daily News and the Sun Newspapers, Dec 24, 2014
Interview by Hong Kong ATV, Sep 8, 2014
Interview by Wen Wei Po Newspaper, Mar 31, 2014
G292.2-0.5: A Young Supenova Remnant Harboring A High Magnetic Field Radio Pulsar, 2012, in XMM-Newton Image Gallery
Astrophile: Frying Pan Forms Map of Dead Star's Past, 2011, New Scientist

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