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SITE: The University of Hong Kong (Campus Map)
5th Sunflower Workshop
Date: 19 - 22 September 2016
Venue: Lecture Room T5, 1/F, Meng Wah Complex


Dear colleagues,

Following previous workshops at RIKEN, the TU Darmstadt, The University of Tokyo, and Osaka University we would like to announce the 5th SUNFLOWER workshops to be hosted at the university of Hong Kong, Hong Kong on September 19-22, 2016. The meeting's main purpose is to discuss the status of performed experiments and future physics opportunities for in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory (RIBF) of the RIKEN Nishina Center.

The objectives for the SUNFLOWER workshop include:

i) Status of the SUNFLOWER collaboration,
ii) Status report on performed in-beam gamma-ray experiments,
iii) Status of the SEASTAR project including aims for the third campaign,
iv) Upcoming experiments,
v) Physics proposals and ideas for near future experiments, and
vi) High resolution in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy at the RIBF.

Proponents intending to submit a SUNFLOWER proposal to the next RIBF Nuclear Physics Program Advisory Committee, held this December, are encouraged to attend the workshop and present their proposal. If you would like to give a presentation during the SUNFLOWER workshop, please contact XXXXXXXX until August 31st.

The following indico page contains details on lodging possibilities and an access guide to Hong Kong University:XXXXXX

A few useful links for SUNFLOWER proposals can be found below.

Looking forward to seeing you at the University of Hong Kong.

With best regards,
Alexandre Obertelli, Jenny Lee, Pieter Doornenbal

Organizing Committee:

Alexandre Obertelli(CEA)
Jenny Lee (The University of Hong Kong)
Pieter Doornenbal(RIKEN)


Department of Physics, The University of Hong Kong;
RIKEN Nishina Center (Japan)