Nuclear Physics Lab of HKU

The 2-week Nishina School for Nuclear Physics is held annually in summer at RIKEN research institute in Tokyo, Japan. Participants include students from HKU, Peking University, Seoul National University and universities in Japan.
The curriculum of the School was designed to introduce the pleasure of nuclear physics into the undergraduate students. The first-week program consists of lectures, basic experimental and accelerator trainings; while the second-week program is dedicated to performing real-beam experiment using the RIKEN accelerators and detectors, starting from its planning, data-taking and followed by the analysis and the discussion. Student presentation is held on the last day of the School.

Objectives and Intended Learning Outcomes:  

To provide students the intensive lectures about nuclear physics and the hand-on research experience for experiments at the world’s most powerful radioactive beam facility. Students can learn the knowledge of nuclear physics and its research & application (which are not covered much in the university courses) and gain fantastic research experimental experience at the large-scale international facility (which is not available in Hong Kong) and have interactions with well-known scientists there.

2018 Nishina School

5 Participants: Taranjit Singh, Qingqing Zhao, Yuen Shan Tang, Ho Cheong Tang, Tik Tsun Yeung

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2017 Nishina School

6 Participants: Fan Kwok Lung, Fung Kin Ming, Lau Chi Ho, Tam Chi Kin, Teh Chi En,

Wu Samantha Y S

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2016 Nishina School

6 Participants: Anruth Alfred, Calvin, Chang Sen Yu Alan, Fredrik Parnefjord Gustafsson, Teng Xinzhi, Wang Jia Shian

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