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Astrophysical Black Holes: A Rapidly Moving Field

Date:June 23 - 26, 2023 (Fri - Mon)
Venue:CPD-3.04, Central Podium Levels – Three, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong

Scientific Rationale 

Theoretical and observational studies of astrophysical black holes have been in rapid development in recent decades. This conference will present major breakthroughs and key remaining questions concerning our fundamental understanding of astrophysical black holes, such as the formation and collimation of relativistic jets, the accretion and growth of black holes, the measurement of black hole spin, the merger of black holes, the first images of black hole shadow, the particle acceleration mechanisms and transient phenomena around black holes, and the feedback from massive black holes to galaxies. 
The conference sessions will run from Friday morning to Monday afternoon. There will be a public talk and a dinner celebrating Roger Blandford receiving the Shaw Prize. All participants are welcome to join.

Invited Speakers

Roger Blandford (Stanford), Richard Anantua (UTSA), Zhen Cao (IHEP), Paolo Coppi (Yale), Noemie Globus (UCSC), Luis Ho (KIAA), Erin Kara (MIT), Sera Markoff (UvA), Kirpal Nandra (MPE), Ken Ohsuga (U. Tsukuba), Prajval Shastri (RRI), Paul Tiede (CfA), Feng Yuan (SHAO)

Scientific Organization Committee (SOC)

Mustafa Amin (Rice), Mitch Begelman (CU Boulder), Jane Dai (Chair; HKU), Andrew Fabian (Cambridge), Priyamvada Natarajan (Co-Chair; Yale), Sherry Suyu (TUM&MPA)

Local Organization Committee (LOC)

Ming-chung Chu (CUHK), Jane Dai (HKU), Rudrani Kar Chowdhury (HKU), Stephen Ng (HKU), Yi Wang (HKUST)