Academic Staff

Teaching Staff
Name & Position Room1 Tel.(852) Email
Prof. H.F. Chau Prof. H.F. Chau
520 2859 1925
Prof. G. Chen Prof. G. Chen
311K 3917 7848
Prof. G.H. Chen Prof. G.H. Chen
Adjunct with Department of Physics
(Professor, Department of Chemistry)
6012 2859 2164
Prof. G. Chiribella Prof. G. Chiribella
Professor (by courtesy)
(Professor, Department of Computer Science)
3043 2859 2193
Dr. F.K. Chow Dr. F.K. Chow
Assistant Lecturer
104C 2219 4265
Prof. X.D. Cui Prof. X.D. Cui
209 2859 8975
Dr. L.X. Dai Dr. L.X. Dai
Assistant Professor
311J 3910 2166
Prof. A.B. Djurišić Prof. A.B. Djurišić
315 2859 7946
Dr. D.K. Ki Dr. D.K. Ki
Assistant Professor
311C 3910 2163
Dr. J.H.C. Lee Dr. J.H.C. Lee
Associate Professor
516 2219 4616
Dr. K.M. Lee Dr. K.M. Lee
415A 2859 2370
Dr. M.H. Lee Dr. M.H. Lee
Adjunct with Department of Physics
(Head, Department of Earth Sciences)
318A4 2219 4817
Prof. L.J.L. Li Prof. L.J.L. Li
Chair Professor (by courtesy)
(Chair Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
1045 3910 2657
Dr. J.J.L. Lim Dr. J.J.L. Lim
Associate Professor
531 2219 4924
Dr. F.C.C. Ling Dr. F.C.C. Ling
Associate Professor
417 2241 5248
Prof. H.K. Lo Prof. H.K. Lo
Chair Professor, FAPS, FOSA
530 2859 2368
Dr. T.T. Luu Dr. T.T. Luu
Assistant Professor
311A 3917 2364
Dr. Z.Y. Meng Dr. Z.Y. Meng
Associate Professor
2316 3917 7850
Dr. S.C.Y. Ng Dr. S.C.Y. Ng
Associate Professor
517 2859 7947
Prof. Q.A. Parker Prof. Q.A. Parker
Professor, FASA, FRAS
523 2241 5932
Dr. J.C.S. Pun Dr. J.C.S. Pun
Principal Lecturer
104D 2859 1962
Prof. S.Q. Shen Prof. S.Q. Shen
208 2859 8901
Dr. Y.J. Tu Dr. Y.J. Tu
Associate Professor
419A 2219 4662
Dr. C.J. Wang Dr. C.J. Wang
Assistant Professor
311L 3917 7847
Prof. Z.D. Wang Prof. Z.D. Wang
Chair Professor, Head
528 2859 1961
Prof. M.H. Xie Prof. M.H. Xie
415C 2859 7945
Prof. S.J. Xu Prof. S.J. Xu
316 2241 5636
Dr. Y. Yang (Arriving before May 2022) Dr. Y. Yang (Arriving before May 2022)
Assistant Professor, HKU-100 Scholar
Prof. W. Yao Prof. W. Yao
Chair Professor, FAPS
529 2219 4809
Dr. M.K. Yip Dr. M.K. Yip
415B 2859 2366
Prof. S. Zhang Prof. S. Zhang
Chair Professor, FOSA
521 2859 7944
Dr. S.Z. Zhang Dr. S.Z. Zhang
Associate Professor, Associate Head
526 2859 7943
Prof. X. Zhang Prof. X. Zhang
Chair Professor, President
2859 2100
1 - Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building
2 - Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Building
3 - Chow Yei Ching Building
4 - James Lee Building
5 - Meng Wah Complex
6 - Hui Oi Chow Science Building
Distinguished Visiting Professors
Name & Position Room Tel.(852) Email
Prof. A. Zijlstra Prof. A. Zijlstra
--- ---
Emeritus Professors
Name & Position Room Tel.(852) Email
Prof. K.S. Cheng Prof. K.S. Cheng
Emeritus Professor, FAPS
--- ---
Prof. J. Wang Prof. J. Wang
Emeritus Professor, FAPS
--- ---
Honorary/ Visiting / Visiting Research Professors
Name & Qualification Email
Prof. T. Broadhurst
Ph.D. Durham
Prof. D.L. Feng
B.Sc. USTC; M.Sc. USTC; Ph.D. Stanford; MCAS
Prof. J. Gao
B.Sc. Peking; M.Sc. Chinese Acad of Sc; Ph.D. Twente
Prof. A.K.H. Kong
HK Poly U; M.Phil, HKU; Ph.D., Oxford
Prof. P.K. MacKeown
B.Sc. N.U.I.; Ph.D. Durham, F.Inst.P.
Prof. S. Maier
B.Sc. TUM; M.Sc., Ph.D. Caltech
Prof. D.S.Y. Tong
B.Sc. HKU; M.Sc., Ph.D. California; FAPS; MCAS
Prof. E.G. Wang
Ph.D. Beijing, MCAS
Prof. J. Wang
B.Sc. Peking; Ph.D. Penn; FAPS
Prof. F.C. Zhang
B.Sc. Fudan; Ph.D. Virginia Polytechnic & State
Honorary Associate Professors
Name & Qualification Email
Dr. X. Fang
Dr. M. Su
B.Sc. Peking; Ph.D. Harv
Adjunct/ Visiting Scholars
Name & Position Email
Prof. S.W.K. Cheung
Dr. M. Fang
Dr. F. Guan
Dr. P. Leung
Dr. P.W. Li
Prof. G.G.K.L. Li
Dr. H. Tian
Mr. H.W. Tong
Prof. K.T. Tsang
Mr. W.K. Wong
Research Assistant Professors
Name & Qualification Email
Dr. P.M. Saz Parkinson
B.Sc. Columbia; M.S., Ph.D. Stanford
Dr. W.Y. Wang
B.Sc. HKU; Ph.D. Toronto
Dr. C. Xiao
B.Sc. Beijing Normal; Ph.D. Peking