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Research Centers


Area of Excellence - 2D Materials Research: Fundamentals Towards Emerging Technologies

To explore fundamental physics in the new realm of two-dimensional atomic crystals and their van der Waals heterostructures with the abundant quantum degrees of freedom (e.g. spin, valley); and to explore quantum engineering of materials and devices in the unprecedented atomically thin 2D geometries, with the aim to revolutionize electronics, optoelectronics and photonics.


HKU-UCAS Joint Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics

The Department of Physics houses the "HKU-UCAS Joint Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics", which was established in September, 2005. The purpose of the Centre is to enhance academic excellence in this area in Hong Kong and to serve as a platform for fostering collaboration between scientists in Hong Kong and abroad.


HK Institute of Quantum Science & Technology

The Institute, consisting of internationally leading physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers, will provide a multi-disciplinary scientific research platform at the University of Hong Kong. We will unleash the full potential of the quantum laws of nature to develop powerful new technologies and drive future economies to benefit the national and local economies.