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Research Highlights

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Quantum criticality and entanglement for the two-dimensional long-range Heisenberg bilayer

M.H. Song, J.R. Zhao, Y. Qi, J.C. Rong, Z.Y. Meng

Physical Review B, Vol.109(8), L081114:1-8, 2024

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Disorder Operator and Rényi Entanglement Entropy of Symmetric Mass Generation

Z.H. Liu, Y.D. Liao, G.P. Pan, M.H. Song, J.R. Zhao, W.L. Jiang, C.M. Jian, Y.Z. You, F.F. Assaad, Z.Y. Meng, C.K. Xu

Physical Review Letters, Vol. 132(15), 156503:1-7, 2024

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Synthetic Non-Abelian Gauge Fields for Non-Hermitian Systems

Z.H. Pang, B.T.T. Wong, J.B. Hu, Y. Yang

Physical Review Letters, Vol.132(4), 043804:1-7, 2024


Reducing the impact of adaptive optics lag on optical and quantum communications rates from rapidly moving sources

K.S. Chan, H.F. Chau

AIP Advances, Vol.13(5), 055201:1-14, 2023

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Einstein rings modulated by wavelike dark matter from anomalies in gravitationally lensed images

A. Amruth, T. Broadhurst, J.J.L. Lim, M. Oguri, G.F. Smoot, J.M. Diego, E. Leung, R. Emami, J.H. Li, T. Chiueh, H.Y. Schive, C.H. Yeung, S.K. Li

Nature Astronomy, Vol.7(6), 736-747, 2023


Time-reversal even charge hall effect from twisted interface coupling

D.W. Zhai, C. Chen, C. Xiao, W. Yao

Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 1961:1-8, 2023