2019.08.01: Our group officially started in Department of Physics, The University of Hong Kong.
We have open positions for post-doctoral researcher, PhD candidate, and research assistant. Please check it out!
We strive to maintain an open policy. If you have any questions, of any kind, please just visit our office, or contact us. We would be glad to talk to you and discuss about all possible questions/opportunities.

Selected publications

EUV solids: to the extreme

High-order harmonic generation in solids can be pushed to the extreme ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum, opening a new era of scientific discovery and application.

Optical attosecond pulses

Attosecond pulses do not need to be XUV pulses. One can generate attosecond pulses that are purely optical, whose spectrum ranging more than two octaves, covering the whole visible spectrum.

A theoretical perspective on HHG from solids

It is surprising to see that the pure implementation of the semiconductor Bloch equations could be applicable to a variety of experiments.

Characterizing condensed matters using high-harmonic spectroscopy

High-harmonic spectroscopy of solids can be utilized to learn about the electronic properties of solids. Berry curvature could be one of them.