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  • J. Wang's paper has been selected as one of the 50 Milestone papers in the last 50 years of Physical Review B
  • W. Yao elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society 2020
  • W. Yao received the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship Award 2020
  • S.J. Xu, M.H. Xie and collaborators received the Ministry of Education Natural Science award (2nd class)
  • Three undergraduate students, Deng Jian Qiao, Wong Hong Tsun and Yeung Ryan Wai-Yen, teamed with two other students from the University of Oxford and Peking University, joined the online International Theoretical Physics Olympiad 2019 and ranked the top 10 out of 88 teams worldwide
  • A team of three undergraduate students, Gong Zhengyangguang, Ng Ka Wai and Wong Hong Tsun won a silver medal for the solar sailing problem in The University Physics Competition 2017
  • J.C.S. Pun & C.W. So received the 2018 International Dark-Sky Association Dark Sky Defender Award
  • J.H.C. Lee received the HKU Outstanding Departmental Safety Representative (DSR) Award
  • X.D. Cui received the Outstanding Researcher Award 2016-17
  • S.Z. Zhang received the Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2016-17
  • X.D. Cui received the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship 2017
  • W. Yao received the Outstanding Researcher Award
  • Prof. K.B. Luk and the Daya Bay Collaboration (HKU Members: T. Kwok, M.K.P. Lee, J.K.C. Leung, K.Y. Leung, H. Liu, H.Y. Ngai, C.S.J. Pun, H.C. Wong) received the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
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Breakthrough in Understanding Quantum Metals
Discovery of Largest Sun-like Star in Death Throes

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Physics in HKU
Physics in HKU

Why Studying Physics in HKU?
The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the oldest and well established university in Hong Kong. HKU students are allowed to major or minor in Physics, option of minor in Astronomy is also available. The available options are very flexible in order to provide the opportunity to students to make the best possible choices ...

Publication Highlights
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Amplitude Mode in Quantum Magnets via Dimensional Crossover C.K. Zhou, Z. Yan, H.Q. Wu, K. Sun, O.A. Starykh, Z.Y. Meng Physical Review Letters, Vol.126(22), 227201:1-6, 2021 Download
Topological phase transition and single/multi anyon dynamics of Z2 spin liquid Z. Yan, Y.C. Wang, N. Ma, Y. Qi, Z.Y. Meng npj Quantum Materials, Vol.6(1), 39:1-6, 2021 Download