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2nd International Workshop &
12th RIBF Discussion on Neutron-Proton Correlations

Date:July 6-9, 2015 (Mon-Thu)
Venue:Lecture Room T5, 1/F, Meng Wah Complex


Obtaining information on neutron-proton (np) correlations in nuclei is a long-standing ambition in nuclear physics. The interest in np correlations stems not only from the necessity to fully-understand the isospin T=0 part of nuclear interaction and the interplay between T=0 and T=1 nucleon pairs, but also from their considerable impact on nuclear structure and astrophysical nucleosynthesis. The recent experiments with new techniques and theoretical advances have driven the studies of neutron-proton correlations into new era. 
The purpose of this international workshop is to organize a collaborative effort between experimentalists and structure and reaction theorists to advance the study of neutron-proton correlations (also neutron-neutron correlations). Current status in experimental and theoretical studies will be presented with considerable time allocated to discussion about the physics and the prospects on the nucleon-pair correlation research. 
In addition, RIKEN-RIBF Discussion with topics of neutron-proton correlation will be held together (for the first time outside Japan). RIBF Discussion consists of two lectures (1 theoretical and 1 experimental) followed by discussion. The purposes are to simulate new experimental ideas as well as establish collaboration among theory and experiment related to physics in RIBF to achieve maximum outputs from RIBF.


Organizing Committee

Jenny Lee (The University of Hong Kong)
Kenichi Yoshida (Niigata University)
Haozhao Liang (RIKEN)
Hiroyoshi Sakurai (RIKEN / University of Tokyo)