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Improve Teaching Quality with Object, AR and Animation

Speaker:Prof. Han-Zhuang Zhang
Affiliation:College of Physics, Jilin University
Date:May 21, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time:10:30 a.m.
Venue:Room 522, 5/F, Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building, HKU


Prof. Han-Zhuang ZHANG is currently a full professor in Jilin University and serves as a National Famous Teacher of China. He has rich experiences in physics education over the past 27 years. His courses are selected to be the official teaching materials in “Textbook for the 12th five-year plan”, “National quality course”, “National quality resources sharing course”, “Video open classes in Chinese universities” and “National quality MOOCs”.
Prof. Zhang’s teaching philosophy is “The greatest truths are the simplest”. He is particularly experienced in using multimedia resources to motivate students' initiative and enthusiasm. His teaching aims at not only passing on the knowledge in Physics, but also cultivating students’ scientific thinking skills which would be useful outside the classroom.
In this talk, Prof. Zhang will share his experience in how to cultivate students' ability while passing on physics knowledge. He will introduce his teaching idea of “The greatest truths are the simplest” and how to integrate the connotation and external resources of a course. He takes the application cases of physics principles as a guidance, combining with the multimedia resources (including more than 200 real object demonstration, more than 20 AR showing and more than 100 animations), to cultivate the students’ scientific thoughts, imaginal thinking and application abilities. Through his education method, the teacher can well mobilize students' initiative and enthusiasm, and finally improve the quality of teaching.


Coffee and tea will be served 20 minutes prior to the seminar.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend.
The talk will be conducted in Mandarin.