Construction of SRT1

In October 2006, SRT1 was first installed on the roof top of the CYM Physics Building near the observatory dome by Dr. J.C.S. Pun and students in the department. The telescope was used for student projects and teaching since November 2006.

Before the construction (2006-10-07)

After the construction (2006-11-05)

Shipped SRT parts


Constructors, wiring ducts, railing, etc

The pier was installed on a platform

Mount gear box

Elevation axis (screw jet linear actuator) & dish mounting ring

Antenna (dish) assembly

Receiver (feed horn)

The dish was now ready to be mounted

Cable outlets

Extra lightings

Panasonic IPCam for monitoring

SRT is ready to run!

First Run (gif, 5.6Mb)