Upgrade of SRT1

In the summer of 2014, Dr. Stephen Ng and students in the department performed an upgrade of SRT1 with great help from Dr. Leung Chun Sing at PolyU and his friend Charles Chau. A digital filter was installed to reduce the radio frequency interference. New calibration and observations were subsequently carried out.

From left: Roger Wang, Bengy Wong, Ryan Leung, Dr. Stephen Ng, Roger Luo, Jackie Ma

From left: Charles Chau, Dr. Stephen Ng, Dr. Leung Chun Sing, Cherry Ng

Recent Photos

These photos were taken during 2014 Summer.

The two antennas, SRT1 and SRT2.

Two antennas as viewed from the HKU Observatory, left: SRT1; right: SRT2.

Two antennas with the HKU observatory.

The motors and receiver

The azimuth motor.

The receiver (the big box) and the digital filter (the small box attached at the back). Note that the blue one is not used.

The altitude motor.

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