Research Group

Hiking at Lantau -- back row (left to right): Hugo, Jane, Tom, Zijian; front row: Janet, Thomas 

Our group works on a broad range of topics in astronomy and astrophysics mostly related to black hole astrophysics. Gender equality, diversity and inclusion are deeply valued by this group composed of international and diverse members.

We have a few MPhil/PhD and postdoc positions available. If you are enthusiastic about joining us in studying / doing research about black holes, please contact us via email.

Here are the amazing young scientists mentored by me now:

  • Hugo Pfister, Sophie Tycho Brahe Postdoctoral Fellow (jointly with Niels Bohr Institute), 2019-, cosmological simulations, TDEs and gravitational waves
  • Rudrani Kar Chowdhury, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2021-, AGN feedback
  • Lars Thomsen, PhD candidate, HKPFs Fellow, 2019-, X-ray reverberation and radiative transfer studies
  • Janet Chang, PhD candidate, HKPFs Fellow, 2020-, TDEs and FBOTs
  • Zijian Zhang, PhD candidate, HKU-PS Fellow, 2021-, X-ray reverberation
  • Thomas Wong, MPhil candidate, 2020-, TDEs
  • Tom Kwan, MPhil candidate, 2021-, black hole accretion and GRMHD simulations

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