News & Student Achievements

Grants and Awards

National Natural Science Foundation of China - the Excellent Young Scientist Fund (Hong Kong and Macau) 2021

Research Grant Council General Research Fund (RGC GRF), Hong Kong, 2021 (PI)

Research Grant Council General Research Fund (RGC GRF), Hong Kong, 2020 (PI)

Research Grant Council General Research Fund (RGC ECS), Hong Kong, 2019 (PI)

Block Award, Aspen Center for Physics, 2018

Center for Transient Astrophysics & DARK Fellowship, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark  2017

XSEDE Project, NSF, USA 2016 (Co-PI)

Achievements of Students:

Oct 2021: Thomas gave his first conference talk on TDEs at the AAPPS-DACG Workshop 2021 on Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation (virtual)

Aug 2021: Thomas received the Excellent Teaching Assistant Awards 2020-2021 

Jan 2021: Lars gave a conference talk at the 237th AAS meeting (virtual)

Oct 2020: Lars won the first place (astrophysics & cosmology session) in the annual Physics Student Conference at CUHK for his talk on “X-ray reverberation on super-Eddington accretion disks”.

Dec 2019: Lars gave a conference talk (2o min) at the 30th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics at Portsmouth, UK.

My Footprints

*virtual talks and events due to COVID-19. 

*Nov 2021: Seminar Talk, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, Canada

*Oct 2021: SOC, AAPPS-DACG Workshop 2021 on Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation, Korea

Oct 2021: Participated in the Science Exposition organized by the Hong Kong Laureate Forum

Sep 2021: Participated in “HKU Women in Science Exhibition”, HKU

*Jul 2o21: Review Talk,  The European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting, Netherland

*Jun 2021: Talk, Summer Workshop: Black Hole Formation, Accretion, and Outflows Through Cosmic Time, Aspen Center for Physics

*Apr 2021: Invited talk, Workshop on tidal disruption events, Hang Zhou, China

*Mar 2021: APS Colloquium, University of Colorado Boulder

*Nov 2020: Participated in the Digital Science Festival organized by the French Consulate in HK & Macau as a panel speaker and moderator for the session on the role of women in science: How does it feel to be a woman in “space”?

*Oct 2020: Colloquium, The University of Virginia & National Radio Astronomy Observatory

*Oct 2020: Public Lecture in HKU iMonth – Thematic WEEK OF SCIENCE, HKU

*Jul 2020: Heinz R. Pagels Physics Talks at The Aspen Center for Physics

Jan 2020: SOC, Conference on “Tidal Disruptions in Kyoto: Confronting Theory with Observations”, YITP, Kyoto University

Jan 2020: Invited talk, Conference on “Tidal Disruption Events: General Relativistic Transients”, YITP, Kyoto University

Jan 2020: Review talk, 235th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Hawaii

Nov 2019: Colloquium, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge

Oct 2019: Public Lecture on black holes, HKU

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