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May 28, 2015 (Thu)conference-n-workshop
Mini-Workshop on 2D Materials
May 29, 2015 (Fri)seminars
Public Seminar of PhD Candidate
Optical Properties of Direct Bandgap Semiconductors: from Bulk to Low Dimensional Structures
Mr. Xiaohu WANG
June 1-5, 2015
International Space Science Institute Project:
New Approach to Active Processes in Central Regions of Galaxies
Our Recent Achievements:seminars
  • S.Z. Zhang received the 2015 Croucher Innovation Award
  • W. Yao received the 2014 Research Output Prize (Faculty of Science)
  • J. Wang has been elected to Fellow of APS by the Division of Computational Physics
  • W. Yao received 2014 Achievement in Asia Award from International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers (Co-winner: Y.L. Han, HKUST) 
  • S.Q. Shen received the Outstanding Researcher Award
  • W. Yao received the 2013 Croucher Innovation Award and the Outstanding Young Researcher Award
  • Z.D. Wang received the 2013 China National Award in Natural Sciences (2nd class, with S.L. Zhu)
  • M.H. Xie is the PI of the newly awarded CRF Project (HKU9/CRF/13G)
  • S.C.Y. Ng received the Early Career Award
  • A. B. Djurišić received the Award for Teaching Excellence 2012-2013
  • J.C.S. Pun received the Faculty KE Award
Physics in HKU
Physics in HKU

Why Studying Physics in HKU?
The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the oldest and well established university in Hong Kong. HKU students are allowed to major or minor in Astronomy or Physics, option of Major in Mathematics/Physics offered together with dept. of Mathematics is also available. The available options are very flexible in order to provide the opportunity to students to make the best possible choices ...

Publication Highlights
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Disordered Weyl Semimetals and Their Topological Family
Disordered Weyl Semimetals and Their Topological Family Y.X. Zhao, Z.D. Wang Physical Review Letters, Vol.114(20), 206602:1-5, 2015 Download
Magnetic Control of Valley Pseudospin in Monolayer WSe<sub>2</sub>
Magnetic Control of Valley Pseudospin in Monolayer WSe2 G. Aivazian, Z.R. Gong, A.M. Jones, R.L. Chu, J. Yan, D.G. Mandrus, C.W. Zhang, D. Cobden, W. Yao, X.D. Xu Nature Physics, Vol.11(2), 148-152, 2015 Download