General Information


8 Mar 2018 *NEW*

Information for enrolling in PHYS3999 Directed studies in physics & PHYS4999 Physics project (2018-19) can be found here.

27 Feb 2018 *NEW*
Students are invited to attend the Head's Forum- UG Research Opportunities and PG Course Development to be held on March 14, 2018 (Wednesday).

22 Jan 2018  
Information for Undergraduate Overseas Experiential Learning Activities 2017-18 is available here.  
Application starts on: January 22, 2018 (Monday) 
Application deadline: February 14, 2018 (Wednesday)

15 Jan 2018 
Information for Local and Overseas Summer Programs for Undergraduate Students 2018 is available here.  
Application starts on: January 15, 2018 (Monday) 
Application deadline: January 31, 2018 (Wednesday)

1 Aug 2017
2017-18 Timetable of Physics Courses are available here.
Undergraduate Course Selection Guidelines are updated, click here.

24 Apr 2017
Students are invited to join the HKU Physics Department Tea Reception on April 26, 2017 (Wednesday).

28 Mar 2017 
Students are invited to attend the second Physics Alumnus Sharing to be held on April 5, 2017 (Wednesday).

21 Mar 2017
Students are invited to attend the Physics Alumnus Sharing to be held on March 27, 2017 (Monday).

8 Feb 2017 
Information for undergraduate course list (17-18) can be found here.

25 Aug 2016 
Announcement from CCST9038 course coordinator.


General Policies

Useful Forms are available for download here.

Unless otherwise specified by the course coordinators, any hard copy of assignmnts of Physics courses should be submitted to the assignment boxes on the 1/F Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building, and
should be collected from the assignment boxes on the 5/F Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building.

Postgraduate Students taking PHYS8001 or PHYS8002 have to submit an internal course selection form to the general office of the Department of Physics to complete the course registration.

General Coursework Requirement for Postgraduate Students could be referred to the Graduate School guidelines.

Last updated on 08 March 2018