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Prof. W. Yao and Prof. X.D. Cui’s paper titled ‘Valley polarization in MoS2 monolayers by optical pumping’ was highlighted in Ars Technica.
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S.Z. Zhang

*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) since 2007 or since the author joined HKU (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).

  • 1 Normal-state properties of a resonantly interacting p-wave Fermi gas
    J. Yao, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.97(4), 043612:1-6, 2018
    Download (Times Cited: 1, on 30/05/2018)
  • 2 Anomalous conductance of a strongly interacting Fermi gas through a quantum point contact
    B.Y. Liu, H. Zhai, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.95(1), 013623:1-8, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 3, on 11/04/2018)
  • 3 Strongly interacting p-wave Fermi gas in two dimensions: Universal relations and breathing mode
    Y.C. Zhang, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.95(2), 023603:1-11, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 4, on 02/05/2018)
  • 4 Collective modes in a two-band superfluid of ultracold alkaline-earth-metal atoms close to an orbital Feshbach resonance
    Y.C. Zhang, S.S. Ding, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.95(4), 041603R:1-5, 2017
  • 5 Effective theory and universal relations for Fermi gases near a d-wave-interaction resonance
    P.F. Zhang, S.Z. Zhang, Z.H. Yu
    Physical Review A, Vol.95(4), 043609:1-6, 2017
  • 6 Topological superfluids and the BEC-BCS crossover in the attractive Haldane-Hubbard model
    Y.C. Zhang, Z.H. Xu, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.95(4), 043640:1-9, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 1, on 02/05/2018)
  • 7 Evidence for Universal Relations Describing a Gas with p-Wave Interactions
    C. Luciuk, S. Trotzky, S. Smale, Z.H. Yu, S.Z. Zhang, J.H. Thywissen
    Nature Physics, Vol.12(6), 599-605, 2016
    Download (Times Cited: 29, on 30/05/2018)
  • 8 Evidence for Correlated States in a Cluster of Bosons with Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling
    Z.H. Xu, Z.H. Yu, S.Z. Zhang
    New Journal of Physics, Vol.18(2), 025002:1-14, 2016
    Download (Times Cited: 3, on 21/06/2018)
  • 9 Evolution of the Higgs mode in a Fermion Superfluid with Tunable Interactions
    B.Y. Liu, H. Zhai, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.93(3), 033641:1-7, 2016
    Download (Times Cited: 1, on 14/10/2016)
  • 10 Universal Properties of Fermi Gases in One Dimension
    W.B. He, Y.Y. Chen, S.Z. Zhang, X.W. Guan
    Physical Review A, Vol.94( 3), 031604R:1-6, 2016
    Download (Times Cited: 3, on 17/01/2018)
  • 11 Superfluid Density of a Spin-Orbit-Coupled Bose Gas
    Y.C. Zhang, Z.Q. Yu, T.K. Ng, S.Z. Zhang, L. Pitaevskii, S. Stringari
    Physical Review A, Vol.94( 3), 033635:1-5, 2016
    Download (Times Cited: 11, on 17/01/2018)
  • 12 Realization and Detection of Weyl Semimetals and the Chiral Anomaly in Cold Atomic Systems
    W.Y. He, S.Z. Zhang, K.T. Law
    Physical Review A, Vol.94(1), 013606:1-8, 2016
    Download (Times Cited: 21, on 02/05/2018)
  • 13 Observation of the Leggett-Rice Effect in a Unitary Fermi Gas
    S. Trotzky, S. Beattie, C. Luciuk, S. Smale, A.B. Bardon, T. Enss, E. Taylor, S.Z. Zhang, J.H. Thywissen
    Physical Review Letters, Vol.114(1), 015301:1-5, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 19, on 30/05/2018)
  • 14 Coherent Heteronuclear Spin Dynamics in an Ultracold Spinor Mixture
    X.K. Li, B. Zhu, X.D. He, F.D. Wang, M.Y. Guo, Z.F. Xu, S.Z. Zhang, D.J. Wang
    Physical Review Letters, Vol.114(25), 255301:1-5, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 9, on 11/04/2018)
  • 15 Universal Relations for a Fermi Gas Close to a p-Wave Interaction Resonance
    Z.H. Yu, J.H. Thywissen, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review Letters, Vol.115(13), 135304:1-5, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 28, on 30/05/2018)
  • 16 Production of Feshbach Molecules Induced by Spin-orbit Coupling in Fermi Gases
    Z.K. Fu, L.H. Huang, Z.M. Meng, P.J. Wang, L. Zhang, S.Z. Zhang, H. Zhai, P. Zhang, J. Zhang
    Nature Physics, Vol.10, 110-115, 2014
    Download (Times Cited: 62, on 21/06/2018)
  • 17 Mott-superfluid Transition for Spin-orbit-coupled Bosons in One-dimensional Optical Lattices
    Z.H. Xu, W.S. Cole, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.89, 051604(R):1-5, 2014
    Download (Times Cited: 25, on 21/06/2018)
  • 18 Bose-Hubbard Models with Staggered Flux: Quantum Phases, Collective Excitation, and Tricriticality
    J. Yao, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.90, 023608:1-5, 2014
    Download (Times Cited: 3, on 09/08/2015)
  • 19 Fluctuation Effects on the Transport Properties of Unitary Fermi Gases
    B.Y. Liu, H. Zhai, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.90, 051602(R):1-4, 2014
    Download (Times Cited: 4, on 13/02/2018)
  • 20 Transverse Demagnetization Dynamics of a Unitary Fermi Gas
    A.B. Bardon, S. Beattie, C. Luciuk, W. Cairncross, D. Fine, N.S. Cheng, G.J.A. Edge, E. Taylor, S.Z. Zhang, S. Trotzky, J.H. Thywissen
    Science, Vol.344, 722-724, 2014
    Download (Times Cited: 39, on 30/05/2018)