Research Groups
Prof. W. Yao and Prof. X.D. Cui’s paper titled ‘Valley polarization in MoS2 monolayers by optical pumping’ was highlighted in Ars Technica.
Highlight in <i>Ars Technica</i>
Highlight in Ars Technica


Besides commitment to excellence in undergraduate education, the staff of the Physics Department are engaged in active research in many areas of physics. The department offers both M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs for full-time postgraduate students. Most of our researches are in condensed matter, material physics and in astrophysics. 

There are five major areas of researches that are being conducted in Physics Department. They are:
  1. Atomic and Quantum Physics Group
  2. Astronomy and Astrophysics Group
  3. Experimental Condensed Matter and Material Science Group
  4. Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics Group
  5. Theoretical and Computational Condensed Matter Group
In condensed matter and related fields, our interests include correlated electron systems, topological state of matters, low-dimensional systems, surface physics, material sciences, quantum transport in nanoscale, spin and valley electronics, semiconductor physics and optics. In the field of astrophysics and astronomy, our research covers cosmological models, gamma-ray bursts, interstellar chemistry neutron stars, neutrino physics, planetary nebulae, pulsars, supernovae and their remnants, high-energy astrophysics and related projects associated with our new laboratory for space research (LSR).