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Twisted magnetic topological insulator: When momentum-space topology meets real-space topology?
Prof. G. Chen's research
Prof. G. Chen's research


S. Zhang

*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) since 2007 or since the author joined HKU (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).

  • 1 Nonlinear Terahertz Generation: Chiral and Achiral Meta-Atom Coupling
    Q.W. Wang, X.Q. Zhang, Q. Xu, X. Feng, Y.C. Lu, L. Niu, X.Y. Chen, E. Plum, J.Q. Gu, Q.L. Yang, M. Fang, Z.X. Huang, S. Zhang, J.G. Han, W.L. Zhang
    Advanced Functional Materials, Vol.33(29), 2300639:1-11, 2023
  • 2 Topological Landau–Zener nanophotonic circuits
    B.C. Xu, B.Y. Xie, L.H. Xu, M. Deng, W.J. Chen, H. Wei, F.L. Dong, J. Wang, C. W. Qiu, S. Zhang, L. Chen
    Advanced Photonics, Vol.5(3), 036005:1-8, 2023
  • 3 Toward Water-Immersion Programmable Meta-Display
    S. Wan, C.J. Dai, Z. Li, L.G. Deng, Y.Y. Shi, W.L. Hu, G.X. Zheng, S. Zhang, Z.Y. Li
    Advanced Science, Vol.10(5), 2205581:1-7, 2023
  • 4 Non-Hermitian chiral degeneracy of gated graphene metasurfaces
    S.J. Baek, S.H. Park, D.H. Oh, K.H. Lee, S.H. Lee, H.S. Lim, T.W. Ha, H.S. Park, S. Zhang, L. Yang, B.K. Min, T.T. Kim
    Light: Science & Applications, Vol.12(1), 87:1-10, 2023
  • 5 Broadband and Spectrally Selective Photothermal Conversion through Nanocluster Assembly of Disordered Plasmonic Metasurfaces
    J.A. Chen, Y.Y. Qin, Y.B. Niu, P. Mao, F.Q. Song, R.E. Palmer, G.H. Wang, S. Zhang, M. Han
    Nano Letters, Vol.23(15), 7236-7243, 2023
  • 6 Mid-infrared analogue polaritonic reversed Cherenkov radiation in natural anisotropic crystals
    X.D. Guo, C.C. Wu, S. Zhang, D.B. Hu, S.P. Zhang, Q. Jiang, X.K. Dai, Y. Duan, X.X. Yang, Z.P. Sun, S. Zhang, H.X. Xu, Q. Dai
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 2532:1-7, 2023
  • 7 Coexistence of Dirac points and nodal chains in photonic metacrystal
    J. Yang, S. Long, H.Y. Wang, Z.D. Yu, B. Yang, Q.H. Guo, Y.J. Xiang, L.B. Xia, S. Zhang
    Optics Express, Vol.31(11), 17943-17949, 2023
  • 8 Dirac–Weyl semimetal in photonic metacrystals
    S. Long, J. Yang, H.Y. Wang, Z.D. Yu, B. Yang, Q.H. Guo, Y.J. Xiang, L.B. Xia, S. Zhang
    Optics Letters, Vol.48(9), 2349-2352, 2023
  • 9 Gauge Field Induced Chiral Zero Mode in Five-Dimensional Yang Monopole Metamaterials
    S.J. Ma, H.W. Jia, Y.G. Bi, S.Q. Ning, F.X. Guan, H.C. Liu, C.J. Wang, S. Zhang
    Physical Review Letters, Vol.130(24), 243801:1-6, 2023
  • 10 Overcoming losses in superlenses with synthetic waves of complex frequency
    F.X. Guan, X.D. Guo, K.B. Zeng, S. Zhang, Z.Y. Nie, S.J. Ma, Q. Dai, J.B. Pendy, X. Zhang, S. Zhang
    Science, Vol.381(6659), 766-771, 2023
  • 11 Emerging Trend in Unconventional Metasurfaces: From Nonlinear, Non-Hermitian to Nonclassical Metasurfaces
    Y.B. Fan, H. Liang, J. Li, D.P. Tsai, S. Zhang
    ACS Photonics, Vol.9(9), 2872-2890, 2022
  • 12 Observation of Topological Edge States in Thermal Diffusion
    H. Hu, S. Han, Y.H. Yang, D.J. Liu, H.R. Xue, G.G. Liu, Z.Y. Cheng, Q.J. Wang, S. Zhang, B.L. Zhang, Y. Luo
    Advanced Materials, Vol.34(31), 2202257:1-7, 2022
  • 13 Compressive Imaging Encryption with Secret Sharing Metasurfaces
    P.X. Zheng, J.X. Li, Z.L. Li, M.Z. Ge, S. Zhang, G.X. Zheng, H.C. Liu
    Advanced Optical Materials, Vol.10(15), 2200257:1-8, 2022
  • 14 Experimental Identification of the Second-Order Non-Hermitian Skin Effect with Physics-Graph-Informed Machine Learning
    C. Shang, S. Liu, R.W. Shao, P. Han, X.N. Zang, X.L. Zhang, K.N. Salama, W.L. Gao, C.H. Lee, R. Thomale, A. Manchon, S. Zhang, T.J. Cui, U. Schwingenschlögl
    Advanced Science, Vol.9(36), 2202922:1-8, 2022
  • 15 Augmented Reality Enabled by On-Chip Meta-Holography Multiplexing
    Y.Y. Shi, C.W. Wan, C.J. Dai, Z.J. Wang, S. Wan, G.X. Zheng, S. Zhang, Z.Y. Li
    Laser & Photonics Reviews, Vol.16(6), 2100638:1-8, 2022
  • 16 Intrinsic superflat bands in general twisted bilayer systems
    H.F. Wang, S.J. Ma, S. Zhang, D.Y. Lei
    Light-Science & Applications, Vol.11(1), 159:1-7, 2022
  • 17 Intelligent metasurfaces: digitalized, programmable, and intelligent platforms
    S. Zhang
    Light-Science & Applications, Vol.11(1), 242:1-2, 2022
  • 18 All-angle reflectionless negative refraction with ideal photonic Weyl metamaterials
    Y.C. Liu, G.P. Wang, J.B. Pendy, S. Zhang
    Light-Science & Applications, Vol.11(1), 276:1-7, 2022
  • 19 Color-selective three-dimensional polarization structures
    Y. Intaravanne, R. Wang, H. Ahmed, Y. Ming, Y.Q Zheng, Z.K. Zhou, Z.C. Li, S.Q. Chen, S. Zhang, X.Z. Chen
    Light-Science & Applications, Vol.11(1), 302:1-10, 2022
  • 20 All-optical modulation of quantum states by nonlinear metasurface
    D. Zhang, Y. Chen, S.C. Gong, W. Wu, W. Cai, M.X. Ren, X.F. Ren, S. Zhang, G.C. Guo, J.J. Xu
    Light-Science & Applications, Vol.11(1), 58:1-6, 2022