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Twisted magnetic topological insulator: When momentum-space topology meets real-space topology?
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Prof. G. Chen's research


W. Yao

*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) since 2007 or since the author joined HKU (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).

  • 21 Chiral Excitonics in Monolayer Semiconductors on Patterned Dielectrics
    X.C. Yang, H.Y. Yu, W. Yao
    Physical Review Letters, Vol.128(21), 217402:1-6, 2022
  • 22 Interferences of electrostatic moire potentials and bichromatic superlattices of electrons and excitons in transition metal dichalcogenides
    Q.J. Tong, M.X. Chen, F.P. Xiao, H.Y. Yu, W. Yao
    2D Materials, Vol.8(2), 025007:1-20, 2021
  • 23 Twist versus heterostrain control of optical properties of moiré exciton minibands
    H.Y. Zheng, D.W. Zhai, W. Yao
    2D Materials, Vol.8(4), 044016:1-15, 2021
  • 24 Revealing the non-adiabatic and non-Abelian multiple-band effects via anisotropic valley Hall conduction in bilayer graphene
    C. Li, M.W.Y. Tu, W. Yao
    2D Materials, Vol.8(4), 045012:---, 2021
  • 25 Excitons and emergent quantum phenomena in stacked 2D semiconductors
    N.P. Wilson, W. Yao, J. Shan, X.D. Xu
    Nature, Vol.599(7885), 383-392, 2021
  • 26 Intrinsic donor-bound excitons in ultraclean monolayer semiconductors
    P. Rivera, M.H. He, B. Kim, S. Liu, C. Rubio-Verdu, H. Moon, L. Mennel, D.A. Rhodes, H.Y. Yu, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J.Q. Yan, D.G. Mandrus, H. Dery, A.N. Pasupathy, D. Englund, J. Hone, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Communications, Vol.12(1), 871:1-8, 2021
  • 27 Highly anisotropic excitons and multiple phonon bound states in a van der Waals antiferromagnetic insulator
    K. Hwangbo, Q. Zhang, Q. Jiang, Y. Wang, J. Fonseca, C. Wang, G.M. Diederich, D.R. Gamelin, D. Xiao, J.H. Chu, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Nanotechnology, Vol.-, 1-16, 2021
  • 28 Moiré trions in MoSe2/WSe2 heterobilayers
    X. Wang, J.Y. Zhu, K.L. Seyler, P. Rivera, H.Y. Zheng, Y.Q. Wang, M.H. He, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J.Q. Yan, D.G. Mandrus, D.R. Gamelin, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Nanotechnology, Vol.16(11), 1208-1213, 2021
  • 29 Deep moiré potentials in twisted transition metal dichalcogenide bilayers
    S. Shabani, D. Halbertal, W.J. Wu, M.X. Chen, S. Liu, J. Hone, W. Yao, D.N. Basov, X.Y. Zhu, A.N. Pasupathy
    Nature Physics, Vol.17(6), 720-726, 2021
  • 30 Universal superlattice potential for 2D materials from twisted interface inside h-BN substrate
    P. Zhao, C.X. Xiao, W. Yao
    npj 2D Materials and Applications, Vol.5(1), 38:1-7, 2021
  • 31 Edge state in AB-stacked bilayer graphene and its correspondence with the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger ladder
    T.X. Tan, C. Li, W. Yao
    Physical Review B, Vol.104 (24), 245419:1-14, 2021
  • 32 Waveguiding valley excitons in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides by dielectric interfaces in the substrate
    X.C. Yang, H.Y. Yu, W. Yao
    Physical Review B, Vol.104(24), 245305:1-10, 2021
  • 33 Luminescence Anomaly of Dipolar Valley Excitons in Homobilayer Semiconductor Moir´e Superlattices
    H.Y. Yu, W. Yao
    Physical Review X, Vol.11(2), 021042:1-18, 2021
  • 34 Spin photovoltaic effect in magnetic van der Waals heterostructures
    T.C. Song, E. Anderson, M.W.Y. Tu, K.L. Seyler, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, M.A. McGuire, X.S. Li, T. Cao, D. Xiao, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Science Advances, Vol.7(36), eabg8094:1-7, 2021
  • 35 Coupling of photonic crystal cavity and interlayer exciton in heterobilayer of transition metal dichalcogenides
    P. Rivera, T.K. Fryett, Y.Y. Chen, C.H. Liu, E.L. Ray, F. Hatami, J.Q. Yan, D.G. Mandrus, W. Yao, A. Majumdar, X.D. Xu
    2D Materials, Vol.7(1), 015027:1-7, 2020
  • 36 Non-adiabatic Hall effect at Berry curvature hot spot
    M.W.Y. Tu, C. Li, H.Y. Yu, W. Yao
    2D Materials, Vol.7(4), 045004:1-5, 2020
  • 37 Room-Temperature Valley Polarization in Atomically Thin Semiconductors via Chalcogenide Alloying
    S. Liu, A. Granados del Águila, X. Liu, Y.H. Zhu, Y. Han, A. Chaturvedi, P. Gong, H.Y. Yu, H. Zhang, W. Yao, Q.H. Xiong
    ACS Nano, Vol.14, 9873-9883, 2020
  • 38 Giant Spin Transfer Torque in Atomically Thin Magnetic Bilayers
    W.H. Cao, M.W.Y. Tu, J. Xiao, W. Yao
    Chinese Physics Letters, Vol.37(10), 107201:1-8, 2020
  • 39 Monolayer Semiconductor Auger Detector
    H.Y. Yu, W. Yao, J.R. Schaibley, P. Rivera, J. Finney, J.Q. Yan, D.G. Mandrus, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, D.H. Cobden, X.D. Xu
    Nano Letters, Vol.20(7), 5538-5543, 2020
  • 40 Giant magnetic field from moire induced Berry phase in homobilayer semiconductors
    H.Y. Yu, M.X. Chen, W. Yao
    National Science Review, Vol.7(1), 12-20, 2020