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Twisted magnetic topological insulator: When momentum-space topology meets real-space topology?
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Prof. G. Chen's research


S.Z. Zhang

*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) since 2007 or since the author joined HKU (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).

  • 1 Viscous flow in a one-dimensional spin-polarized Fermi gas: The role of integrability on viscosity
    J. Maki, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.107(1), 013310:1-11, 2023
  • 2 Emergent s-Wave Interactions between Identical Fermions in Quasi-One-Dimensional Geometries
    K.G. Jackson, C.J. Dale, J. Maki, K.G.S. Xie, B.A. Olsen, D.J.M. Ahmed-Braun, S.Z. Zhang, J.H. Thywissen
    Physical Review X, Vol.13(2), 021013:1-23, 2023
  • 3 Three-body recombination in a single-component Fermi gas with p-wave interaction
    S.G. Zhu, Z.H. Yu, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.106(6), 063309:1-12, 2022
  • 4 Dynamics of Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases with Time-Dependent Interactions: Consequence of Conformal Symmetry
    J. Maki, S.Z. Zhang, F. Zhou
    Physical Review Letters, Vol.128(4), 040401:1-6, 2022
  • 5 Manipulation of heteronuclear spin dynamics with microwave and vector light shift
    L.T. Li, B. Zhu, B. Lu, S.Z. Zhang, D.J. Wang
    Physical Review A, Vol.101(5), 1-7, 2020
  • 6 Dynamic Kosterlitz-Thouless theory for two-dimensional ultracold atomic gases
    Z.G. Wu, S.Z. Zhang, H. Zhai
    Physical Review A, Vol.102, 043311:1-6, 2020
  • 7 Role of Effective Range in the Bulk Viscosity of Resonantly Interacting s- and p-Wave Fermi Gases
    J. Maki, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review Letters, Vol.125(24), 240402:1-6, 2020
  • 8 Collective excitations in two-dimensional SU(N) Fermi gases with tunable spin
    B. Song, C.D. He, Z.J. Ren, E.T. Zhao, J.W. Lee, Y.C. Zhang, S.Z. Zhang, G.B. Jo
    Physical Review Research, Vol.2, 012028:1-5, 2020
  • 9 Gr√ľneisen parameters: Origin, identity, and quantum refrigeration
    Y.C. Yu, S.Z. Zhang, X.W. Guan
    Physical Review Research, Vol.2(4), 043066:1-9, 2020
  • 10 Transport phenomena in dilute quantum gases
    S.Z. Zhang
    ACTA Physica Sinica, Vol.68(4), 040302:1-7, 2019
  • 11 Fermi-Liquid Description of a Single-Component Fermi Gas with p-Wave Interactions
    S.S. Ding, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review Letters, Vol.123(7), 070404:1-6, 2019
  • 12 Normal-state properties of a resonantly interacting p-wave Fermi gas
    J. Yao, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.97(4), 043612:1-6, 2018
    Download (Times Cited: 2, on 25/07/2018)
  • 13 Momentum distribution and contacts of one-dimensional spinless Fermi gases with an attractive p-wave interaction
    X.G. Yin, X.W. Guan, Y.B. Zhang, H.B. Su, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.98(2), 023605:1-14, 2018
  • 14 Quantum Spin Dynamics in a Normal Bose Gas with Spin-Orbit Coupling
    W.H. Tang, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review Letters, Vol.121(12), 120403:1-6, 2018
  • 15 Anomalous conductance of a strongly interacting Fermi gas through a quantum point contact
    B.Y. Liu, H. Zhai, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.95(1), 013623:1-8, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 4, on 22/11/2018)
  • 16 Strongly interacting p-wave Fermi gas in two dimensions: Universal relations and breathing mode
    Y.C. Zhang, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.95(2), 023603:1-11, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 8, on 22/11/2018)
  • 17 Collective modes in a two-band superfluid of ultracold alkaline-earth-metal atoms close to an orbital Feshbach resonance
    Y.C. Zhang, S.S. Ding, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.95(4), 041603R:1-5, 2017
  • 18 Effective theory and universal relations for Fermi gases near a d-wave-interaction resonance
    P.F. Zhang, S.Z. Zhang, Z.H. Yu
    Physical Review A, Vol.95(4), 043609:1-6, 2017
  • 19 Topological superfluids and the BEC-BCS crossover in the attractive Haldane-Hubbard model
    Y.C. Zhang, Z.H. Xu, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.95(4), 043640:1-9, 2017
    Download (Times Cited: 2, on 04/10/2018)
  • 20 Evidence for Universal Relations Describing a Gas with p-Wave Interactions
    C. Luciuk, S. Trotzky, S. Smale, Z.H. Yu, S.Z. Zhang, J.H. Thywissen
    Nature Physics, Vol.12(6), 599-605, 2016
    Download (Times Cited: 36, on 22/11/2018)