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Twisted magnetic topological insulator: When momentum-space topology meets real-space topology?
Prof. G. Chen's research
Prof. G. Chen's research


*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) or publications by members of our departments (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).


  • 81 Quantum Blockade and Loop Current Induced by a Single Lattice Defect in Graphene Nanoribbons
    J.Y. Yan, P. Zhang, B. Sun, H.Z. Lu, Z.G. Wang, S.Q. Duan, X.G. Zhao
    Physical Review B, Vol.79, 115403:1-5, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 40, on 08/10/2018)
  • 82 Variational Monte Carlo Studies of Gossamer Superconductivity
    S. Guertler, Q.H. Wang, F.C. Zhang
    Physical Review B, Vol.79, 144526:1-5, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 7, on 05/09/2015)
  • 83 Oscillation of Dynamic Conductance of Al-Cn-Al Structures: Nonequilibrium Green's Function and Density Functional Theory Study
    B. Wang, Y.J. Yu, L. Zhang, Y.D. Wei, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.79, 155117:1-6, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 18, on 05/05/2017)
  • 84 Ab initio Calculation of Transverse Spin Current in Graphene Nanostructures
    B. Wang, J. Wang, H. Guo
    Physical Review B, Vol.79, 165417:1-5, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 35, on 05/10/2018)
  • 85 Spin-Bias Driven Magnetization Reversal and Nondestructive Detection in a Single Molecular Magnet
    H.Z. Lu, B. Zhou, S.Q. Shen
    Physical Review B, Vol.79, 174419:1-16, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 53, on 25/07/2018)
  • 86 Coaction of Electric Field Induced Strain and Polarization Effects in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3/PMN-PT Structures
    Z.G. Sheng, J. Gao, Y.P. Sun
    Physical Review B, Vol.79, 174437:1-6, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 45, on 26/11/2018)
  • 87 Narrow Superconducting Window in LaFe1-xNixAsO
    G.H. Cao, S. Jiang, X. Lin, C. Wang, Y.K. Li, Z. Ren, Q. Tao, C.M. Feng, J.H. Dai, Z.A. Xu, F.C. Zhang
    Physical Review B, Vol.79, 174505:1-6, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 70, on 22/11/2018)
  • 88 Current Conserving Nonequilibrium ac Transport Theory
    Y.D. Wei, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.79, 195315:1-8, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 24, on 05/10/2018)
  • 89 Theoretical Investigation of how Edge States are Destroyed in Disordered Mesoscopic Samples
    Z.H. Qiao, J. Wang, Q.F. Sun, H. Guo
    Physical Review B, Vol.79, 205308:1-5, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 3, on 03/02/2017)
  • 90 Spin Relaxation in Submonolayer and Monolayer InAs Structures Grown in a GaAs Matrix
    C.L. Yang, X.D. Cui, S.Q. Shen, Z.Y. Xu, W.K. Ge
    Physical Review B, Vol.80, 035313:1-5, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 4, on 29/08/2015)
  • 91 Coherent Oscillations and Giant Edge Magnetoresistance in Singly Connected Topological Insulators
    R.L. Chu, J. Li, J.K. Jain, S.Q. Shen
    Physical Review B, Vol.80, 081102R:1-4, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 24, on 08/10/2018)
  • 92 Detecting and switching magnetization of Stoner nanograin in nonlocal spin valve
    H.Z. Lu, S.Q. Shen
    Physical Review B, Vol.80, 094401:1-15, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 8, on 25/07/2018)
  • 93 Vortex States in Iron-Based Superconductors with Collinear Antiferromagnetic Cores
    H.M. Jiang, J.X. Li, Z.D. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.80, 134505:1-8, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 20, on 22/11/2018)
  • 94 Cooling a Micromechanical Resonator by Quantum Back-Action from a Noisy Qubit
    Y.D. Wei, Y. Li, F. Xue, C. Bruder, K. Semba
    Physical Review B, Vol.80, 144508:1-4, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 19, on 22/11/2018)
  • 95 Origin of the Checkerboard Pattern in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Maps of Underdoped Cuprate Superconductors
    K.Y. Yang, W.Q. Chen, T.M. Rice, F.C. Zhang
    Physical Review B, Vol.80, 174505:1-7, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 7, on 05/09/2015)
  • 96 Disorder Effect of Resonant Spin Hall Effect in a Tilted Magnetic Field
    Z.F. Jiang, S.Q. Shen, F.C. Zhang
    Physical Review B, Vol.80, 195301:1-6, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 7, on 09/01/2017)
  • 97 Nernst and Seebeck Effects in a Graphene Nanoribbon
    Y.X. Xing, Q.F. Sun, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.80, 235411:1-8, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 44, on 22/11/2018)
  • 98 First-principles calculation of chiral current and quantum self-inductance of carbon nanotubes
    B. Wang, R.L. Chu, J. Wang, H. Guo
    Physical Review B, Vol.80, 235430:1-5, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 6, on 05/05/2017)
  • 99 In-Plane Noncollinear Exchange Coupling Mediated by Helical Edge States in Quantum Spin Hall Systems
    J.H. Gao, W.Q. Chen, X.C. Xie, F.C. Zhang
    Physical Review B (Rapid Communications), Vol.80, 241302:1-4, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 15, on 02/05/2018)
  • 100 Thin Accretion Disks in Stationary Axisymmetric Wormhole Spacetimes
    T.C. Harko, Z. Kovács, F.S.N. Lobo
    Physical Review D, Vol.79, 064001:1-12, 2009
    Download (Times Cited: 55, on 26/11/2018)