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Twisted magnetic topological insulator: When momentum-space topology meets real-space topology?
Prof. G. Chen's research
Prof. G. Chen's research


*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) or publications by members of our departments (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).


  • 21 Morphology of the Red Rectangle Proto-planetary Nebula
    N. Koning, S. Kwok, W. Steffen
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.740, 27:1-9, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 6, on 13/12/2018)
  • 22 High Velocity Precessing Jets from the Water fountain IRAS 18286-0959 Revealed by Very Long Baseline Array Observations
    B.H.K. Yung, J. Nakashima, H. Imai, S. Deguchi, P.J. Diamond, S. Kwok
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.741, 94:1-14, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 23, on 04/07/2017)
  • 23 HST-COS Observations of Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon, and Nitrogen Emission from the SN 1987A Reverse Shock
    K. France, R. McCray, S.V. Penton, R.P. Kirshner, P. Challis, J.M. Laming, P. Bouchet, R.A. Chevalier, P.M. Garnavich, C. Fransson, K. Heng, J. Larsson, S.S. Lawrence, P. Lundqvist, N. Panagia, J.C.S. Pun, N. Smith, J. Sollerman, G. Sonneborn, B. Sugerman, J.C. Wheeler
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.743, 186:1-11, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 17, on 08/10/2018)
  • 24 Origin of the Fermi Bubble
    K.S. Cheng, D.O. Chernyshov, V.A. Dogiel, C.M. Ko, W.H. Ip
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.731, L17-L20, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 64, on 08/10/2018)
  • 25 Discovery of GeV γ-ray Emission from PSR B1259–63/LS 2883
    P.H.T. Tam, R.H.H. Huang, J. Takata, C.Y. Hui, A.K.H. Kong, K.S. Cheng
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.736, L10-1-6, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 53, on 08/10/2018)
  • 26 Discovery of Gamma-Ray Emission from the Supernova Remnant Kes 17 with Fermi Large Area Telescope
    J.H.K. Wu, E.M.H. Wu, C.Y. Hui, P.H.T. Tam, R.H.H. Huang, A.K.H. Kong, K.S. Cheng
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.740, L12:1-5, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 14, on 16/01/2018)
  • 27 Broadband Second Harmonic Generation from ZnO Nano-Tetrapods
    S.L. Shi, S.J. Xu, Z. Xu, V.A.L. Roy, C.M. Che
    Chemical Physics Letters, Vol.506, 226-229, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 9, on 14/03/2018)
  • 28 Inflating Wormholes in the Braneworld Models
    K.C. Wong, T.C. Harko, K.S. Cheng
    Classical and Quantum Gravity, Vol.28, 145023-145023, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 7, on 12/04/2018)
  • 29 Thin Accretion Disk Signatures of Slowly Rotating Black Holes in Hořava Gravity
    T.C. Harko, Z. Kovács, F.S.N. Lobo
    Classical and Quantum Gravity, Vol.28, 165001-165001, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 15, on 31/05/2018)
  • 30 Universally Composable and Customizable Post-Processing for Practical Quantum Key Distribution
    X.F. Ma, C.H.F. Fung, J.C. Boileau, H.F. Chau
    Computers & Security, Vol.30, 172-177, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 23, on 10/10/2017)
  • 31 Indium Tin Oxide Nanorods by dc Sputtering
    M.K. Fung, Y.C. Sun, A. Ng, A.B. Djurišić, W.K. Chan
    Current Applied Physics, Vol.11, 594-597, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 6, on 10/10/2017)
  • 32 Amorphous organic solids as a component of interstellar dust
    S. Kwok
    Earth Planets Space, Vol.63, 1021-1026, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 2, on 07/02/2017)
  • 33 Competition of Resistive-Switching Mechanisms in Nickel-Rich Nickel Oxide Thin Films
    Q. Yu, Y. Liu, T.P. Chen, Z. Liu, Y.F. Yu, S. Fung
    Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, Vol.14, H400-H403, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 6, on 07/06/2017)
  • 34 First-Principle Study of Magnetism Induced by Vacancies in Graphene
    X.Q. Dai, J.H. Zhao, M.H. Xie, Y.N. Tang, B. Zhao
    The European Physical Journal B, Vol.80, 343-349, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 34, on 05/10/2018)
  • 35 Nearly Noninvasive Readout and Manipulation of Spin in Double Quantum Dot Using Spin Bias
    H.Z. Lu, R. Lü, S.Q. Shen
    The European Physical Journal B, Vol.83, 69-75, 2011
  • 36 Optically-driven cooling for collective atomic excitations
    Y. Li, Z.D. Wang, C.P. Sun
    The European Physical Journal D, Vol.61, 215-220, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 6, on 22/11/2018)
  • 37 Implementing Multi-Qubit Entanglement of Two-Level Systems inside a Superconducting Phase Qubit
    L.B. Yu, Z.Y. Xue, Z.D. Wang, Y. Yu, S.L. Zhu
    The European Physical Journal D, Vol.61, 499-505, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 4, on 10/01/2017)
  • 38 Orbital-transverse density-wave instabilities in iron-based superconductors
    Z.J. Yao, J.X. Li, Q. Han, Z.D. Wang
    Europhysics Letters, Vol.93, 37009-1-6, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 5, on 13/05/2013)
  • 39 Reversible in situ Modulation of Competing Phases In Manganite/Ferroelectrics Heterostructures
    L.P. Chen, J. Gao
    Europhysics Letters, Vol.93, 47009-1-5, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 6, on 08/10/2018)
  • 40 Theory for Superconductivity in (Tl,K)FexSe2 as a Doped Mott Insulator
    Y. Zhou, D.H. Xu, F.C. Zhang, W.Q. Chen
    Europhysics Letters, Vol.95, 17003-1-5, 2011
    Download (Times Cited: 56, on 26/07/2018)