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Twisted magnetic topological insulator: When momentum-space topology meets real-space topology?
Prof. G. Chen's research
Prof. G. Chen's research


*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) or publications by members of our departments (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).


  • 81 Kathryn's Wheel: A Spectacular Galaxy Collision Discovered in the Galactic Neighbourhood
    Q.A. Parker, A.A. Zijlstra, M. Stupar, M. Cluver, D.J. Frew, G. Bendo, I. Bojičić
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol.452(4), 3759-3775, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 2, on 25/07/2018)
  • 82 Classical T Tauri Stars with VPHAS+ – I. H α and u-Band Accretion Rates in the Lagoon Nebula M8
    V.M. Kalari, J.S. Vink, J.E. Drew, G. Barentsen, J.J. Drake, J. Eislöffel, E.L. Martin, Q.A. Parker, Y.C. Unruh, N.A. Walton, N.J. Wright
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol.453(1), 1026-1046, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 10, on 08/10/2018)
  • 83 Optical Discovery and Multiwavelength Investigation of Supernova Remnant MCSNR J0512-6707 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
    W.A. Reid, M. Stupar, L.M. Bozzetto, Q.A. Parker, M.D. Filipović
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol.454(1), 991-999, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 3, on 24/05/2017)
  • 84 Long-Term X-Ray Variability of Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources
    L.C.C. Lin, C.P. Hu, A.K.H. Kong, D.C.C. Yen, J. Takata, Y. Chou
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol.454(2), 1644-1657, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 5, on 13/03/2018)
  • 85 Electrically Tunable In-Plane Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Topological Insulator BiSbTeSe2 Nanodevices
    A. Sulaev, M.G. Zeng, S.Q. Shen, S.K. Cho, W.G. Zhu, Y.P. Feng, S.V. Eremeev, Y. Kawazoe, L. Shen, L. Wang
    Nano Letters, Vol.15(3), 2061-2066, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 22, on 08/10/2018)
  • 86 Skyrmion-Based Dynamic Magnonic Crystal
    F.S. Ma, Y. Zhou, H.B. Braun, W.S. Lew
    Nano Letters, Vol.15(6), 4029-4036, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 32, on 08/10/2018)
  • 87 Transient Dynamics of Magnetic Co–Graphene Systems
    B. Wang, J.W. Li, F.M. Xu, Y.D. Wei, J. Wang, H. Guo
    Nanoscale, Vol.7(22), 10030-10038, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 6, on 11/04/2018)
  • 88 Strong Quantum Confinement Effect and Reduced Fröhlich Exciton–phonon Coupling in ZnO Quantum Dots Embedded Inside a SiO2 Matrix
    J.Q. Ning, C.C. Zheng, X.H. Zhang, S.J. Xu
    Nanoscale, Vol.7(41), 17482-17487, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 5, on 05/10/2018)
  • 89 Negative Differential Resistance in Monolayer WTe2 Tunneling Transistors
    F. Liu, J. Wang, H. Guo
    Nanotechnology, Vol.26(17), 175201:1-5, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 7, on 22/11/2018)
  • 90 All-Magnetic Control of Skyrmions in Nanowires by a Spin Wave
    X.C. Zhang, M. Ezawa, D. Xiao, G.P. Zhao, Y.W. Liu, Y. Zhou
    Nanotechnology, Vol.26(22), 225701:1-8, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 36, on 22/11/2018)
  • 91 In Situ Synthesis of TiO2(B) Nanotube/Nanoparticle Composite Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
    X. Liu, Q. Sun, A.M.C. Ng, A.B. Djurišić, M.H. Xie, C.Z. Liao, K.M. Shih, M. Vranješ, J.M. Nedeljković, Z.F. Deng
    Nanotechnology, Vol.26(42), 425403:1-9, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 3, on 05/10/2018)
  • 92 Valley Excitons in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors
    H.Y. Yu, X.D. Cui, X.D. Xu, W. Yao
    National Science Review, Vol.2, 57-70, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 66, on 22/11/2018)
  • 93 Monolayer Semiconductor Nanocavity Lasers with Ultralow Thresholds
    S.F. Wu, S. Buckley, J.R. Schaibley, L.F. Feng, J.Q. Yan, D.G. Mandrus, F. Hatami, W. Yao, J. Vučković, A. Majumdar, X.D. Xu
    Nature, Vol.520, 69-72, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 282, on 22/11/2018)
  • 94 Observation of Long-Lived Interlayer Excitons in Monolayer MoSe2–WSe2 Heterostructures
    P. Rivera, J.R. Schaibley, A.M. Jones, J.S. Ross, S.F. Wu, G. Aivazian, P. Klement, K.L. Seyler, G. Clark, N.J. Ghimire, J.Q. Yan, D.G. Mandrus, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Communications, Vol.6, 6242:1-6, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 313, on 22/11/2018)
  • 95 Observation of Intervalley Quantum Interference in Epitaxial Monolayer Tungsten Diselenide
    H.J. Liu, J.L. Chen, H.Y. Yu, F. Yang, L. Jiao, G.B. Liu, W.K. Ho, C.L. Gao, J.F. Jia, W. Yao, M.H. Xie
    Nature Communications, Vol.6, 8180:1-6, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 21, on 25/07/2018)
  • 96 Dynamically Stabilized Magnetic Skyrmions
    Y. Zhou, E. Iacocca, A.A. Awad, R.K. Dumas, F.C. Zhang, H.B. Braun, J. Åkerman
    Nature Communications, Vol.6, 8193:1-10, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 69, on 22/11/2018)
  • 97 Experimental Quantum Fingerprinting with Weak Coherent Pulses
    F.H. Xu, J.M. Arrazola, K.J. Wei, W.Y. Wang, P. Palacios-Avila, C. Feng, S. Sajeed, N. Lütkenhaus, H.K. Lo
    Nature Communications, Vol.6, 8735:1-9, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 22, on 26/11/2018)
  • 98 Electrical Control of Second-Harmonic Generation in a WSe2 Monolayer Transistor
    K.L. Seyler, J.R. Schaibley, P. Gong, P. Rivera, A.M. Jones, S.F. Wu, J.Q. Yan, D.G. Mandrus, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Nanotechnology, Vol.10(5), 407-411, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 118, on 22/11/2018)
  • 99 Single Quantum Emitters in Monolayer Semiconductors
    Y.M. He, G. Clark, J.R. Schaibley, Y. He, M.C. Chen, Y.J. Wei, X. Ding, Q. Zhang, W. Yao, X.D. Xu, C.Y. Lu, J.W. Pan
    Nature Nanotechnology, Vol.10(6), 497-502, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 200, on 22/11/2018)
  • 100 Magnetic Control of Valley Pseudospin in Monolayer WSe2
    G. Aivazian, Z.R. Gong, A.M. Jones, R.L. Chu, J. Yan, D.G. Mandrus, C.W. Zhang, D.H. Cobden, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Physics, Vol.11( 2), 148-152, 2015
    Download (Times Cited: 228, on 22/11/2018)