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Twisted magnetic topological insulator: When momentum-space topology meets real-space topology?
Prof. G. Chen's research
Prof. G. Chen's research


*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) or publications by members of our departments (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).


  • 21 X-ray polarimetry and spectroscopy of the neutron star low-mass X-ray binary GX9+9: An in-depth study with IXPE and NuSTAR
    S.C.Y. Ng, (with Collaboration)
    Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol.676, A20:1-10, 2023
  • 22 On the Presence of Metallofullerenes in Fullerene-rich Circumstellar Envelopes
    R. Barzaga, D. A. García-Hernández, S. Díaz-Tendero, S. Sadjadi, A. Manchado, M. Alcami
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.942(1), 5:1-7, 2023
  • 23 High-resolution Radio Study of the Dragonfly Pulsar Wind Nebula Powered by PSR J2021+3651
    R. L. Jin, S.C.Y. Ng, M.S.E. Roberts, K.L. Li
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.942(2), 100:1-9, 2023
  • 24 Polarization Properties of the Weakly Magnetized Neutron Star X-Ray Binary GS 1826–238 in the High Soft State
    S.C.Y. Ng, (with Collaboration)
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.943(2), 129:1-10, 2023
  • 25 A Comparison of Millisecond Pulsar Populations between Globular Clusters and the Galactic Field
    J.S. Lee, C.Y. Hui, J. Takata, A.K.H. Kong, P.H.T. Tam, K.L. Li, K.S. Cheng
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.944(2), 225:1-25, 2023
  • 26 X-Ray Polarimetry Reveals the Magnetic-field Topology on Sub-parsec Scales in Tycho’s Supernova Remnant
    S.C.Y. Ng, Y.J. Yang, (with Collaboration)
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.945(1), 52:1-14, 2023
  • 27 Radio Study of the Pulsar Wind Nebula Powered by PSR B1706-44
    Y.H. Liu, S.C.Y. Ng, R. Dodson
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.945(1), 82:1-11, 2023
  • 28 Fading AGNs in Poststarburst Galaxies
    K.D. French, N. Earl, A.B. Novack, B. Pardasani, V.R. Pillai, A. Tripathi, M.E. Verrico
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.950(2), 153:1-15, 2023
  • 29 PEARLS: Low Stellar Density Galaxies in the El Gordo Cluster Observed with JWST
    T. Carleton, S.H. Cohen, B.L. Frye, A. Pigarelli, J.S. Zhang, R. Windhorst, J.M. Diego, C.J. Conselice, C. Cheng, S.P. Driver, N. Foo, R. Bhatawdekar, P. Kamieneski, R.A. Jansen, H.J. Yan, J. Summers, A. Robotham, C. N. A. Willmer, A.M. Koekemoer, S. Tompkins, D. Coe, N.A. Grogin, M.A. Marshall, M. Nonino, N. Pirzkal, R.E. Ryan, Jr
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.953(1), 83:1-12, 2023
  • 30 Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Groups and Clusters. III. Constraining Quasar Feedback Models with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array
    A. Chakraborty, S. Chatterjee, M. Lacy, S. Roy, S. Roy, R. Kar Chowdhury
    The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.954(1), 8:1-14, 2023
  • 31 X-Ray Polarization Observations of BL Lacertae
    S.C.Y. Ng, (with Collaboration)
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.942(1), L10:1-14, 2023
  • 32 JWST's PEARLS: Bright 1.5–2.0 μm Dropouts in the Spitzer/IRAC Dark Field
    J.J.L. Lim, (with Collaboration)
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.942(1), L8:1-13, 2023
  • 33 Linear and Circular Polarimetry of the Optically Bright Relativistic Tidal Disruption Event AT 2022cmc
    A. Cikota, G. Leloudas, M. Bulla, L.X. Dai, J.R. Maund, I. Andreoni
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.943(2), L18:1-8, 2023
  • 34 A Strong X-Ray Polarization Signal from the Magnetar 1RXS J170849.0-400910
    S.C.Y. Ng, (with Collaboration)
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.944(2), L27:1-12, 2023
  • 35 The IXPE View of GRB 221009A
    Y.J. Yang, S.C.Y. Ng, (with Collaboration)
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.946(1), L21:1-21, 2023
  • 36 The Effects of Gas Angular Momentum on the Formation of Magnetically Arrested Disks and the Launching of Powerful Jets
    T. M. Kwan, L.X. Dai, A.Tchekhovskoy
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.946(2), L42:1-16, 2023
  • 37 IXPE Observations of the Quintessential Wind-accreting X-Ray Pulsar Vela X-1
    S.C.Y. Ng, (with IXPE Collaboration)
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.947(2), L20:1-10, 2023
  • 38 X-Ray Polarization of BL Lacertae in Outburst
    S.C.Y. Ng, (with Collaboration)
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol.948(2), L25:1-12, 2023
  • 39 Production of graphene-derivatives using organic molecules for supercapacitors and beyond
    M. Boota, I. Ahmad, Junaid Ahmad
    Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Vol.658, 130693:1-7, 2023
  • 40 Robust Hewettite HKV6O16·4H2O/CNT Nanosheets as High-Performance Cathodes for Sustainable Mg2+ Storage
    J.L. Wu, X.B. Chen, J.H. Li, H.J. Chen, Q.J. Xie, M.J. Zhao, J. Zhang, F.C.C. Ling, Q. Ru
    Energy & Fuels, Vol.37(12), 8681-8688, 2023