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Twisted magnetic topological insulator: When momentum-space topology meets real-space topology?
Prof. G. Chen's research
Prof. G. Chen's research


*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) or publications by members of our departments (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).


  • 81 High-harmonic generation from a flat liquid-sheet plasma mirror
    Y.H. Kim, H. Kim, S.C. Park, Y.J. Kwon, K.H. Yeom, W. Cho, T.Y. Kwon, H. Yun, J.H. Sung, S.K. Lee, T.T. Luu, C.H. Nam, K.T. Kim
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 2328:1-10, 2023
  • 82 Unlocking the general relationship between energy and entanglement spectra via the wormhole effect
    Z. Yan, Z.Y. Meng
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 2360:1-9, 2023
  • 83 Mid-infrared analogue polaritonic reversed Cherenkov radiation in natural anisotropic crystals
    X.D. Guo, C.C. Wu, S. Zhang, D.B. Hu, S.P. Zhang, Q. Jiang, X.K. Dai, Y. Duan, X.X. Yang, Z.P. Sun, S. Zhang, H.X. Xu, Q. Dai
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 2532:1-7, 2023
  • 84 Stiefel-Whitney topological charges in a three-dimensional acoustic nodal-line crystal
    H.R. Xue, Z. Y. Chen, Z.Y. Cheng, J. X. Dai, Y. Long, Y.X. Zhao, B.L. Zhang
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 4563:1-8, 2023
  • 85 Electrostatic moiré potential from twisted hexagonal boron nitride layers
    D.S. Kim, R.C. Dominguez, R. Mayorga-Luna, D.Y. Ye, J. Embley, T.X. Tan, Y. Ni, Z.D. Liu, M. Ford, F.Y. Gao, S. Arash, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, S. Kim, C.K. Shih, K.J. Lai, W. Yao, L. Yang, X.Q. Li, Y. Miyahara
    Nature Materials, Vol.2023, 1-18, 2023
  • 86 Intercell moiré exciton complexes in electron lattices
    X. Wang, X.W. Zhang, J.Y. Zhu, H.J. Park, Y.Q. Wang, C. Wang, W.G. Holtzmann, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J.Q. Yan, D.R. Gamelin, W. Yao, D. Xiao, T. Cao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Materials, Vol.22(5), 599-604, 2023
  • 87 Every-other-layer dipolar excitons in a spin-valley locked superlattice
    Y.N. Zhang, C.X. Xiao, D. Ovchinnikov, J.Y. Zhu, X. Wang, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J.Q. Yan, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Nanotechnology, Vol.18(5), 501-506, 2023
  • 88 Epitaxial substitution of metal iodides for low-temperature growth of two-dimensional metal chalcogenides
    K.N. Zhang, Y.H. She, X.B. Cai, M. Zhao, Z.J. Liu, C.C. Ding, L.J. Zhang, W. Zhou, J.H. Ma, H.W. Liu, L.J. Li, Z.T. Luo, S.M. Huang
    Nature Nanotechnology, Vol.2023, 1-21, 2023
  • 89 Observation of electroweak production of two jets and a Z-boson pair
    C.Y. Lo, D.K. Paredes Hernandez, Y.J. Tu, (with The ATLAS collaboration)
    Nature Physics, Vol.19(2), 237-253, 2023
  • 90 Dipole ladders with large Hubbard interaction in a moiré exciton lattice
    H.J. Park, J.Y. Zhu, X. Wang, Y.Q. Wang, W.G. Holtzmann, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J.Q. Yan, L. Fu, T. Cao, D. Xiao, D.R. Gamelin, H.Y. Yu, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Physics, Vol.19(9), 1286-1292, 2023
  • 91 Infinite critical boson non-Fermi liquid
    X.T. Zhang, G. Chen
    npj Quantum Materials, Vol.8(1), 10:1-6, 2023
  • 92 Hacking measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution
    F.Y. Lu, P. Ye, Z.H. Wang, S. Wang, Z.Q. Yin, R. Wang, X.J. Huang, W. Chen, D. Y. He, G.J. Fan-Yuan, G.C. Guo, Z.F. Han
    Optica, Vol.10(4), 520-527, 2023
  • 93 Generation of 2 μm few-cycle laser pulse with dual laser filaments nonlinear processes
    T.L. Feng, J.C. Shang, S.Z. Zhao, K.J. Yang, T. Li, C. Zhang
    Optics & Laser Technology, Vol.161, 109146:1-6, 2023
  • 94 Coexistence of Dirac points and nodal chains in photonic metacrystal
    J. Yang, S. Long, H.Y. Wang, Z.D. Yu, B. Yang, Q.H. Guo, Y.J. Xiang, L.B. Xia, S. Zhang
    Optics Express, Vol.31(11), 17943-17949, 2023
  • 95 Reference-frame-independent quantum key distribution with advantage distillation
    J.R. Zhu, C.M. Zhang, R. Wang, H.W. Li
    Optics Letters, Vol.48(3), 542-545, 2023
  • 96 Dirac–Weyl semimetal in photonic metacrystals
    S. Long, J. Yang, H.Y. Wang, Z.D. Yu, B. Yang, Q.H. Guo, Y.J. Xiang, L.B. Xia, S. Zhang
    Optics Letters, Vol.48(9), 2349-2352, 2023
  • 97 Quantum quenches in a pseudo-Hermitian Chern insulator
    P. He, Y.Q. Zhu, J.T. Wang, S.L. Zhu
    Physical Review A, Vol.107(1), 012219:1-9, 2023
  • 98 Viscous flow in a one-dimensional spin-polarized Fermi gas: The role of integrability on viscosity
    J. Maki, S.Z. Zhang
    Physical Review A, Vol.107(1), 013310:1-11, 2023
  • 99 Transport in p-wave-interacting Fermi gases
    J. Maki, T. Enss
    Physical Review A, Vol.107(2), 023317:1-11, 2023
  • 100 Characterization of State-Preparation Uncertainty in Quantum Key Distribution
    A.Q. Huang, A. Mizutani, H.K. Lo, V. Makarov, K. Tamaki
    Physical Review Applied, Vol.19(1), 014048:1-14, 2023