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Twisted magnetic topological insulator: When momentum-space topology meets real-space topology?
Prof. G. Chen's research
Prof. G. Chen's research


*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) or publications by members of our departments (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).


  • 181 Simple Multiuser Twin-Field Quantum Key Distribution Network
    X.Q. Zhong, W.Y. Wang, R. Mandil, H.K. Lo, L. Qian
    Physical Review Applied, Vol.17(1), 014025:1-9, 2022
  • 182 Error-Tolerant Geometric Quantum Control for Logical Qubits with Minimal Resources
    T. Chen, Z.Y. Xue, Z.D. Wang
    Physical Review Applied, Vol.18(1), 014062:1-12, 2022
  • 183 Bulk and edge dynamics of a two-dimensional Affleck-Kennedy-Lieb-Tasaki model
    Z.N. Liu, J. Li, R.Z. Huang, J. Li, Z. Yan, D.X. Yao
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(1), 014418:1-7, 2022
  • 184 Antiferromagnetic insulators with tunable magnon-polaron Chern numbers induced by in-plane optical phonons
    B.W. Ma, G.A. Fiete
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(10), L100402:1-6, 2022
  • 185 Nonlinear Hall effect induced by internal Coulomb interaction and phase relaxation process in a four-terminal system with time-reversal symmetry
    M.M. Wei, B. Wang, Y.J. Yu, F.M. Xu, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(11), 115411:1-10, 2022
  • 186 Possible Dirac quantum spin liquid in the kagome quantum antiferromagnet YCu3(OH)6Br2[Brx(OH)1−x]
    Z.Y. Zeng, X.Y. Ma, S. Wu, H.F. Li, Z. Tao, X.Y. Lu, X.H. Chen, J.X. Mi, S.J. Song, G.H. Cao, G.W. Che, K. Li, G. Li, H.Q. Luo, Z.Y. Meng, S.L. Li
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(12), L121109:1-6, 2022
  • 187 Dynamical properties of collective excitations in twisted bilayer graphene
    G.P. Pan, X. Zhang, H.Q Li, K. Sun, Z.Y. Meng
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(12), L121110:1-7, 2022
  • 188 Global scheme of sweeping cluster algorithm to sample among topological sectors
    Z. Yan
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(18), 184432:1-9, 2022
  • 189 Rotation symmetry-protected topological phases of fermions
    M. Cheng, C.J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(19), 195154:1-29, 2022
  • 190 Intertwining SU(N) symmetry and frustration on a honeycomb lattice
    X.P. Yao, R. Luo, G. Chen
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(2), 024401:1-10, 2022
  • 191 Fractionalizing global symmetry on looplike topological excitations
    S.Q. Ning, Z.X. Liu, P. Ye
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(20), 205137:1-56, 2022
  • 192 Half-quantized Hall effect and power law decay of edge-current distribution
    J.Y. Zou, B. Fu, H.W. Wang, Z.A. Hu, S.Q. Shen
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(20), L201106:1-7, 2022
  • 193 Tailoring quadrupole topological insulators with periodic driving and disorder
    Z. Ning, B. Fu, D.H. Xu, R. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(20), L201114:1-6, 2022
  • 194 Type-II quadratic and cubicWeyl fermions
    Y.J. Jin, Y. Xu, Z.J. Chen, H. Xu
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(3), 035141:1-6, 2022
  • 195 Berry connection polarizability tensor and third-order Hall effect
    H.Y. Liu, J.Z. Zhao, Y.X. Huang, X.L. Feng, C. Xiao, W.K. Wu, S. Lai, W.B. Gao, S.Y.A. Yang
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(4), 045118:1-7, 2022
  • 196 Dynamical exponent of a quantum critical itinerant ferromagnet: A Monte Carlo study
    Y.Z. Liu, W.L. Jiang, A. Klein, Y.X. Wang, K. Sun, A.V. Chubukov
    Physical Review B, Vol.105(4), L041111:1-6, 2022
  • 197 Dirac fermions with plaquette interactions. II. SU(4) phase diagram with Gross-Neveu criticality and quantum spin liquid
    Y. Da Liao, X.Y. Xu, Z.Y. Meng, Y. Qi
    Physical Review B, Vol.106(11), 115149:1-12, 2022
  • 198 Density-driven higher-order topological phase transitions in amorphous solids
    T. Peng, C.B. Hua, R. Chen, Z.R. Liu, H.M. Huang, B. Zhou
    Physical Review B, Vol.106(12), 125310:1-8, 2022
  • 199 Gapless triangular-lattice spin-liquid candidate PrZnAl11O19
    H.P. Bu, M. Ashtar, T. Shiroka, H.C. Walker, Z.D. Fu, J.K. Zhao, J.S. Gardner, G. Chen, Z.M. Tian, H.J. Guo
    Physical Review B, Vol.106(13), 134428:1-7, 2022
  • 200 Dirac fermions with plaquette interactions. III. SU(N) phase diagram with Gross-Neveu criticality and first-order phase transition
    Y. Da Liao, X.Y. Xu, Z.Y. Meng, Y. Qi
    Physical Review B, Vol.106(15), 155159:1-8, 2022