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*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) or publications by members of our departments (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).

Anisotropic in-plane heat transport of Kitaev magnet Na2Co2TeO6

S.K. Guang, N. Li, Q. Huang, K. Xia, Y.Y. Wang, H. Liang, Y. Sun, Q.J. Li, X. Zhao, R. Luo, G. Chen, H.D. Zhou, X.F. Sun

Physical Review B, Vol. 109(2), 024419:1-7, 2024

Orbital Chern insulator at ν=−2 in twisted MoTe2

F. R. Fan, C. Xiao, W. Yao

Physical Review B, Vol. 109(4), L041403:1-5, 2024

Signature of parity anomaly: Crossover from one half to integer quantized Hall conductance in a finite magnetic field

H.W. Wang, B. Fu, S.Q. Shen

Physical Review B, Vol. 109(7), 075113:1-6, 2024

Interplay between crystal field and magnetic anisotropy in the triangular-lattice antiferromagnet NaTmTe2

S.Y. Zheng, Y.Q. Gu, Y.M. Gu, Z.Y. Kao, Q.S. Wang, H.L. Wo, Y.H. Zhu, F.Y. Liu, L.S. Wu, J.M. Sheng, J.H. Chang, S. Ohira-Kawamura, N. Murai, C. Niedermayer, D.G. Mazzone, G. Chen, J. Zhao

Physical Review B, Vol. 109(7), 075159:1-8, 2024

Electrostatic environment and Majorana bound states in full-shell topological insulator nanowires

L. Chen, X.H. Pan, Z. Cao, D.E. Liu, X. Liu

Physical Review B, Vol. 109(7), 075408:1-13, 2024

Intrinsic in-plane magnetononlinear Hall effect in tilted Weyl semimetals

L.J. Xiang, J. Wang

Physical Review B, Vol. 109(7), 075419:1-9, 2024