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Twisted magnetic topological insulator: When momentum-space topology meets real-space topology?
Prof. G. Chen's research
Prof. G. Chen's research


*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) or publications by members of our departments (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).


  • 141 Single Photon Emitters with Polarization and Orbital Angular Momentum Locking in Monolayer Semiconductors
    D. Zhang, D.W. Zhai, S. Deng, W. Yao, Q.Z. Zhu
    Nano Letters, Vol.23(9), 3851-3857, 2023
  • 142 Hot exciton effect in photoluminescence of monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide
    K. Xiao, R.H. Duan, Z. Liu, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, W. Yao, X.D. Cui
    Natural Sciences, Vol.3(1), e20220035:1-7, 2023
  • 143 Wafer-scale single-crystalline MoSe2 and WSe2 monolayers grown by molecular-beam epitaxy at low-temperature— the role of island-substrate interaction and surface steps
    Y.P. Xia, D.G. Ding, K. Xiao, J.Q. Zhang, S.G. Xu, D.L. He, X.Y. Yue, Q. Rao, X. Wang, S.J. Ding, G.Y. Gao, H.X. Xue, Y.Y. Wang, M.F. Yuan, W.K. Ho, D.K. Ki, H. Xu, X.D. Cui, C.H. Jin, M.H. Xie
    Natural Sciences, Vol.3(2), 20220059:1-10, 2023
  • 144 Photonic flatband resonances for free-electron radiation
    Y. Yang, C. Roques-Carmes, S.E. Kooi, H.N. Tang, J. Beroz, E. Mazur, I. Kaminer, J.D. Joannopoulos, M. Soljačić
    Nature, Vol.613(7942), 42-47, 2023
  • 145 X-ray polarization evidence for a 200-year-old flare of Sgr A*
    S.C.Y. Ng, (with Collaboration)
    Nature, Vol.619(7968), 41-45, 2023
  • 146 Signatures of fractional quantum anomalous Hall states in twisted MoTe2
    J.Q. Cai, E. Anderson, C. Wang, X.W. Zhang, X.Y. Liu, W.G. Holtzmann, Y.N. Zhang, F. R. Fan, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, Y. Ran, T. Cao, L. Fu, D. Xiao, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Nature, Vol.622(7981), 63-68, 2023
  • 147 Discovery of X-ray polarization angle rotation in the jet from blazar Mrk 421
    S.C.Y. Ng, (with Collaboration)
    Nature Astronomy, Vol.7(10), 1245-1258, 2023
  • 148 Simultaneous space and phase resolved X-ray polarimetry of the Crab pulsar and nebula
    S.C.Y. Ng, (with Collaboration)
    Nature Astronomy, Vol.7(5), 602-610, 2023
  • 149 Einstein rings modulated by wavelike dark matter from anomalies in gravitationally lensed images
    A. Amruth, T. Broadhurst, J.J.L. Lim, M. Oguri, G.F. Smoot, J.M. Diego, E. Leung, R. Emami, J.H. Li, T. Chiueh, H.Y. Schive, C.H. Yeung, S.K. Li
    Nature Astronomy, Vol.7(6), 736-747, 2023
  • 150 Time-reversal even charge hall effect from twisted interface coupling
    D.W. Zhai, C. Chen, C. Xiao, W. Yao
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 1961:1-8, 2023
  • 151 High-harmonic generation from a flat liquid-sheet plasma mirror
    Y.H. Kim, H. Kim, S.C. Park, Y.J. Kwon, K.H. Yeom, W. Cho, T.Y. Kwon, H. Yun, J.H. Sung, S.K. Lee, T.T. Luu, C.H. Nam, K.T. Kim
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 2328:1-10, 2023
  • 152 Unlocking the general relationship between energy and entanglement spectra via the wormhole effect
    Z. Yan, Z.Y. Meng
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 2360:1-9, 2023
  • 153 Mid-infrared analogue polaritonic reversed Cherenkov radiation in natural anisotropic crystals
    X.D. Guo, C.C. Wu, S. Zhang, D.B. Hu, S.P. Zhang, Q. Jiang, X.K. Dai, Y. Duan, X.X. Yang, Z.P. Sun, S. Zhang, H.X. Xu, Q. Dai
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 2532:1-7, 2023
  • 154 Stiefel-Whitney topological charges in a three-dimensional acoustic nodal-line crystal
    H.R. Xue, Z. Y. Chen, Z.Y. Cheng, J. X. Dai, Y. Long, Y.X. Zhao, B.L. Zhang
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 4563:1-8, 2023
  • 155 Non-volatile optoelectronic memory based on a photosensitive dielectric
    R. Zhu, H.L. Liang, S.F. Liu, Y. Yuan, X.Q. Wang, F.C.C. Ling, A. Kuznetsov, G.Y. Zhang, Z.X. Mei
    Nature Communications, Vol.14(1), 5396:1-8, 2023
  • 156 Electrostatic moiré potential from twisted hexagonal boron nitride layers
    D.S. Kim, R.C. Dominguez, R. Mayorga-Luna, D.Y. Ye, J. Embley, T.X. Tan, Y. Ni, Z.D. Liu, M. Ford, F.Y. Gao, S. Arash, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, S. Kim, C.K. Shih, K.J. Lai, W. Yao, L. Yang, X.Q. Li, Y. Miyahara
    Nature Materials, Vol.2023, 1-18, 2023
  • 157 Intercell moiré exciton complexes in electron lattices
    X. Wang, X.W. Zhang, J.Y. Zhu, H.J. Park, Y.Q. Wang, C. Wang, W.G. Holtzmann, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J.Q. Yan, D.R. Gamelin, W. Yao, D. Xiao, T. Cao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Materials, Vol.22(5), 599-604, 2023
  • 158 Every-other-layer dipolar excitons in a spin-valley locked superlattice
    Y.N. Zhang, C.X. Xiao, D. Ovchinnikov, J.Y. Zhu, X. Wang, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J.Q. Yan, W. Yao, X.D. Xu
    Nature Nanotechnology, Vol.18(5), 501-506, 2023
  • 159 Epitaxial substitution of metal iodides for low-temperature growth of two-dimensional metal chalcogenides
    K.N. Zhang, Y.H. She, X.B. Cai, M. Zhao, Z.J. Liu, C.C. Ding, L.J. Zhang, W. Zhou, J.H. Ma, H.W. Liu, L.J. Li, Z.T. Luo, S.M. Huang
    Nature Nanotechnology, Vol.2023, 1-21, 2023
  • 160 Observation of electroweak production of two jets and a Z-boson pair
    C.Y. Lo, D.K. Paredes Hernandez, Y.J. Tu, (with The ATLAS collaboration)
    Nature Physics, Vol.19(2), 237-253, 2023