Theoretical Atomic Physics and Degenerate Quantum Gases


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Research staff


Dr. Shizhong ZHANG

Dr. Shanshan DING
Dr. Yicong YU

Mr. Johnson Chung Shun CHAN (PhD)
Mr. Ruibin LIU (PhD)
Mr. Wai Ho TANG (PhD)


Research Activities

Ultra-cold atomic gases have emerged as a multi-disciplinary subject that is at the interface of modern atomic and molecular physics, quantum optics and condensed matter physics. It proves to be an excellent laboratory for investigating strongly interacting quantum many-body systems and in particular correlated quantum phases and phase transitions. Current topics of interest include strongly interacting two-component Fermi gases and BEC-BCS crossover, synthetic gauge fields and spin-orbit couplings in atomic gases, novel mixtures of bosons and fermions.  

Some Representative Publications

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Dr. S.Z. Zhang

  1. "Evidence for Universal Relations Describing a Gas with p-Wave Interactions", C. Luciuk, S. Trotzky, S. Smale, Z. Yu, S. Zhang, and J. H. Thywissen, Nature Physics, 6, 599-605 (2016)
  2. "Universal Relations for a Fermi Gas Close to a p-Wave Interaction Resonance", Z.H. Yu, J.H. Thywissen, S.Z. Zhang, Physical Review Letters, 115, 135304:1-5 (2015)
  3. “Transverse Demagnetization Dynamics of a Unitary Fermi Gas”, A.B. Bardon, S. Beattie, C. Luciuk, W. Cairncross, D. Fine, N.S. Cheng, G.J.A. Edge, E. Taylor, S.Z. Zhang, S. Trotzky, J.H. Thywissen, Science, 344, 722-724 (2014)
  4. “Theory of quantum oscillations in the vortex-liquid state of high-Tc superconductors”,S. Banerjee, S.Z. Zhang, M. Randeria, Nature Communications, 4, 1700:1-7 (2013)
  5. "Bose-Einstein condensates with spin-orbit interaction", T.L. Ho and S.Z. Zhang, Physics Review Letter, 107, 150403 (2011)
  6. "BEC-BCS crossover induced by a synthetic non-abelian gauge field", J.P. Vyasanakere, S.Z. Zhang and V. Shenoy, Physics Review B, 84, 014512 (2011)
  7. "Atom loss maximum in ultracold Fermi gases", S.Z. Zhang and T.L. Ho, New Journal of Physics, 13, 055003 (2011)
  8. "Universal properties of the ultracold Fermi gas", S.Z. Zhang and A.J. Leggett, Physics Review A, 79, 023601 (2009)
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