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Topological photonics and non-Hermitian optics with the synthetic frequency dimension

Speaker Prof. Luqi YUAN
Affiliation Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Date May 20, 2024 (Monday)
Time 11:00 a.m.
Venue Room 522, 5/F, Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building, The University of Hong Kong


Over the past few years, synthetic dimensions in photonics have been rapidly developing and generating significant interest. By utilizing different degrees of freedom of light, synthetic dimensions can be constructed. This seminar will focus on the creation of a synthetic frequency dimension in dynamically modulated ring resonator systems. By designing the connectivity of the artificial lattice structure in a synthetic space that includes the frequency axis of light, we can observe fascinating optical phenomena. Recent experiments have explored the effective magnetic flux for photons, dynamic band structure, and topological invariant extraction. Additionally, theoretical works have investigated non-equilibrium topological dynamics and 1D Moire physics. The possibility of studying non-Hermitian topological phenomena using the synthetic frequency dimension will also be discussed, where the interplay between the effective magnetic flux and the non-Hermiticity can be explored. This research opens up an exciting avenue for investigating essential optical physics in photonics with potential applications in fields such as optical signal processing and quantum simulations.



Luqi Yuan is currently a faculty member in the School of Physics and Astronomy at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He earned his PhD in Physics from Texas A&M University in 2014 and subsequently held a prestigious postdoctoral position at Stanford University from 2014 to 2018. With a focus on photonics and quantum optics, Luqi's research interests encompass a wide range of theoretical physics topics, including topological photonics, synthetic dimensions in photonics, hybrid quantum systems, and light-matter interactions. He has made significant contributions to the field, having authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers. Luqi is also actively involved in the scientific community, serving as an editorial board member for Communications Physics, a member of the Young Editorial Board in Ultrafast Science, and a member of the Early Career Editorial Board in Advanced Photonics. 


(Joint Seminar of the Department of Physics & HK Institute of Quantum Science & Technology)


Anyone interested is welcome to attend.