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International Space Science Institute Project:
New Approach to Active Processes in Central Regions of Galaxies

Date:June 1-5, 2015 (Mon-Fri)
Venue:ISSI Conference Center, Beijing

Abstract of the Project

The aim of this project is to search and to understand the origin of processes in the very special region of the Galaxy - the Galactic central region (GCR). Recent discoveries obtained with new observational missions like Fermi, Planck, Swift, Integral, Chandra etc. found there very unusual phenomena with huge energy release which are not seen in any other part of the Galaxy. It seems that similar processes also take place in central regions of other galaxies. We intend to discuss and to analyze these processes in attempt to find physical reasons for these unusual phenomena associated in the galactic centers.

Team Members

  • Prof. Kwong-sang Cheng (PI) (The University of Hong Kong, China.)
  • Prof. Feng Yuan (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China.)
  • Prof. Li Ji (Purple Mountain Observatory, China.)
  • Prof. Xiang-Yu Wang (Nanjing University, China.)
  • Prof. Zhiqiang Shen (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China.)
  • Dr. Lixin Dai (Yale University, USA.)
  • Dr. Shigehiro Nagataki (Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory, Japan.)
  • Prof. Kinwah Wu (University College London, UK.)
  • Prof. Zhiyuan Li (Nanjing University, China.)
  • Dr. Dmitry Chernyshov (Lebedev Institute of Physics, Russia.)
  • Prof. Vladimir Dogiel (Co-PI) (Lebedev Institute of Physics, Russia.)
  • Prof. V.Chechetkin (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Moscow, Russia)


Young Team Members

  • Siwei Kong (Institute of High Energy Physics, China.)
  • Rui-zhi Yang (Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics, Germany.)
  • Shiu-Hang Lee (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan.)


Additional Members

  • David Hui (Chungnam National University, Korea.)
  • Albert Kong (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.)
  • Thomas Tam (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.)